Winter Pool Care Tips in Richfield, OH; Can a Pool Pump Survive a Freeze, Should I Use Algaecide & More

At this point in the season, you should have winterized your pool and have it tucked safely up for the winter season. With winter, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your pool, right? No, your pool still needs ongoing care even in the winter. Winter has its own effects on a pool and if your pool is neglected, you may discover a major problem come the summer. For those who are new to pools and winter care, Metropolitan Pools will share what a pool needs during the winter season.

Can a Pool Pump Survive a Freeze?

One of the major concerns with winter is the longevity of the pool’s pump system. A pool has a number of pipes that circulates and cleans the water. When water turns to ice, it expands. If water is inside the filter tank or in the pipes, it can cause them to crack. To protect your pool from freezing there are a few things you will want to do. When winterizing a pool you should have dropped the water levels. This allows for the ice to expand inside the pool without damaging the pool. Additionally, low levels also help to drain out the water in the pool pump and in the pipes. By draining out the water, you will keep the pumping system from becoming damaged. You can also insulate the pipes on the surface and insulate the tank as well.

Is it Good to Keep Your Pool Covered in Winter?

During the winter you will want to cover the pool to prevent debris from entering the water. The pool cover should be placed on very tight. Sometimes throughout the winter, wind can loosen the pool cover. After a bit of wind or periodically throughout the winter season, make sure to check the pool cover and see that it is tight. Tighten it if needed.

Should I Use Algaecide in the Winter?

During the middle of the winter you will want to treat the water with an algaecide. You may need to add some water to the pool as you will run the pool pump and filtering system. You will want to apply the algaecide and run the pool pump for 24 hours as this will ensure the water has been completely treated. This is important as algae can form even during the winter. While treating the pool this is also the perfect time to adjust the pool cover and use your skimmer net to fish out any debris that is in the water. Remember to cover the pool tightly afterwards.

Why Does Your Winter Need Pool Maintenance?

A pool still needs care during the winter season. By maintaining proper water levels, chemicals, using algaecide, and keeping the pool cover tight, you can prevent many of the common pool disaster scenarios. You will ensure your pool’s water stays clean and that your expensive pool equipment is not damaged. With proper winter pool care you can avoid one of the worst case scenarios where you will need to drain and clean the entire pool.

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