How Long Should Vinyl Pool Liners Last & How Often Does an Embossed Liner Need to Be Replaced in Lakewood, OH?

There are annual maintenance and care costs that come with the ownership, as most homeowners understand when you invest in a beneficial vinyl pool. Your vinyl pool liner would need to be replaced eventually. Considerably, how long you can expect your vinyl pool liners to last is what we at Metropolitan Pools would like to take the opportunity to discuss today.

How Long Will a Vinyl Pool Liner Last?

If we’re talking about the structure of the pool, as long as it’s not wood it can last for almost 35 years. The liner itself, however, will need to be replaced much earlier. As it can apply to both thick and thin liners, vinyl liners can last for about 5-9 years. Though its lifespan will be much shorter if not maintained well or if installed haphazardly, a thicker liner should last longer. Consumers are given a choice to purchase embossed or non-embossed, usually. Non-embossed is the same thickness but has no divots, making it a better option for longevity. It has a squishy feeling for lack of a better term. It can easily be punctured simply by swimming with unkept toenails though the economic choice is an embossed liner. Non-embossed liners are more expensive; however, it will last longer if it’s installed correctly and maintained. It is ideal if you get 5-9 years from your vinyl pool liner in either case.

Why Do Pool Liners Fail?

When purchasing a vinyl liner, thickness will inevitably come into play. The less expensive option, as mentioned, the embossed liner, which is a bit thinner. Tearing is possible, as we touched on, but will otherwise last the aforementioned 5-9 years. A tree branch, a raggedy toenail, or even a pet’s claw or teeth can puncture the vinyl liner. Though it’s certainly not good for the longevity of the vinyl liner itself, the good news, that many punctures can be repaired, and you can put off replacing the liner. It’s also heavier as the liner is more durable, and the non-embossed, liner which is thicker. This liner is more durable because it is heavier which makes it more difficult to install, and more expensive. The challenges at installation for the thicker liner makes the process of smoothing out wrinkles and getting corners “just right” harder. If the corners aren’t fitted properly, it could leave an air space leading to dry rot. The liner is done for once the dry rot sets in.

Do Vinyl Pool Liners have a Warranty?

Most vinyl pool liners have a warranty, and some are good for are even 25-30 years is the best news. It is important however, that you read the fine print. It will lose value each year when the warranties you will find are prorated in most cases. You might be covered but less likely if something happens in the 7th year if something happens in the 4th year. Make a note of the things it doesn’t cover like the labor cost to fix the pool as well.

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By ensuring your pool is expertly installed, you can make your pool liner last longer. You will need routinely maintaining proper pH and chlorine levels. Ensure you avoid potential harm caused by pets and other vegetation in your landscape by securing the pool and liner. Call the experts of Metropolitan Pools for high-quality services for maintenance, installation, and replacement vinyl liner pool services.