Lifeguard Certification & Recertification Training
in Cleveland & Akron, OH & Surrounding Areas

Metropolitan Pools has certified lifeguard instructors with the capability to teach both the nationally recognized lifeguard training programs from Starguard Elite and the American Red Cross. Lifeguards are taught CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescues. In class, students learn the responsibilities of lifeguarding and are tested on their ability to respond in emergency situations. We offer new lifeguard certification training as well as recertification training classes.

***Anyone who signs up for a blended learning class must start the online class within 5 days of the in person class***
Metropolitan Pools Reserves the right to remove any participant from a class when the online portion has not been started at least 5 days prior to the in person class.

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    ** Please Note - All Class Times are Typically from 10am to 9pm but are Subject to Change **

    Regency Community Center, 6841 Day Dr, Parma OH 44129 (located between building b and c)
    (The 7 hours of online course work MUST be completed before you can attend the in-person session)

    Regency Community Center, 6841 Day Dr, Parma OH 44129 (located between building b and c)

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