Lifeguard Certification & Recertification Training
in Cleveland & Akron, OH & Surrounding Areas

Metropolitan Pools has certified lifeguard instructors with the capability to teach both the nationally recognized lifeguard training programs from Starguard Elite and the American Red Cross. Lifeguards are taught CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescues. In class, students learn the responsibilities of lifeguarding and are tested on their ability to respond in emergency situations. We offer new lifeguard certification training as well as recertification training classes.

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    New Lifeguard Class
    (if you have not been previously lifeguard certified or if your certification is expired)

    *Please note that all classes are from 3-9pm on the first day, 10am-9pm on the second day and 10am-9pm on the third day. You will need to attend all 3 days of the class in order to complete the class.
    May 14th-16thMay 17th-20th (3:30pm-9:30pm)May 24th-27th (3:00pm-9:00pm)Jun 4th-6thRecertification (Choose Date Below)

    Lifeguard Recertification Class
    (ONLY choose this option if your lifeguard certification is valid within 120 days of the class start date)

    *All recertifications classes are from 10am-9pm unless otherwise specified
    May 9thMay 18thN/A

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