How Can I Make My Vinyl Pool Liner Last Longer in Beachwood, OH? Remove Jewelry Before Swimming & More

We have shared lots of vinyl pool care tips to help those investing in vinyl pools better care for the vinyl liner and help it last as long as possible. Today, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to continue by offering more helpful tips.

Remove Jewelry Before Swimming in Vinyl Liner Pool

Your liner can be potentially damaged by sharp charms on bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Additionally, unwanted wear and tear on your jewelry and gems can occur from the chemicals used in your pool. Ultimately, your safest bet is to take off jewelry before swimming.

Hair Accessories Can Damage a Pool Liner

It is recommended to only use soft ponytail holders and scrunchies or cloth/elastic headbands if you plan to pull your hair back while swimming. If they accidentally fall out, bobby pins, metal hair clips, and other plastic or metal hair accessories can potentially damage your liner.

You Can Accidentally Burn a Vinyl Pool

It can be fun to have grills, tiki torches, candles, and backyard campfires. If in the event they accidentally get too close to your pool, however, they can cause melting, burns, and scorch marks on your line. From the pool/ liner, keep all heat sources a safe distance, such as candles, sparklers, and other fireworks during Fourth of July and other birthday celebrations. Also, before leaving the area make sure all campfires and grills are extinguished.

Follow Instructions to Install New Vinyl Pool Liner

During the liner installation process, damage often happens. Make sure you’re following all instructions if you insist on installing your pool liner yourself.
– When opening packaging be very careful to avoid accidentally slicing the liner with a knife.
– Before installing your new vinyl liner, clean the area around your pool. Your liner can potentially be punctured by sticks and other debris.
– Ensure it’s warm enough. Ideally, when it’s 80 degrees and sunny should be when the new liner should be installed, or your liner may not work as well.
To guarantee a quality installation, it is best to trust in the professionals, such as Metropolitan Pools.

Vinyl Liner Pad is a Good Investment

Consider using a liner pad if you’re installing a new liner. To help reduce the risk of tears, leaks, and punctures, liner pads are affordable and add an extra layer of cushioning and protection.

Efficiently Open & Close Pool

While you’re opening or closing your above ground pool for the season is another common time for pool liner damage to occur. In order to prevent damage and extend the life of your liner it is essential you properly open and winterize your pool is essential. Make sure the area around your pool is free of debris before opening/closing and add chemicals appropriately and follow all instructions from your manufacturer.

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This concludes the vinyl pool care guide. We hope this helps you care for your vinyl pool, and you can enjoy the vinyl pool until its expected lifespan and even longer. Metropolitan Pools is readily available to help you with installation and repairs!