How is a Vinyl Liner Pool Designed & Built in Cleveland, OH? Can Vinyl Pools Be Customized to Fit Any Shape?

Are you looking for ways to beat the heat? Many people will dream about having a pool to relax in and stay cool during the summer months. There are many different pools that you can install. When looking over the different pool options, why not look at a vinyl liner in-ground pool? There are many benefits of having a vinyl liner in-ground pool. Metropolitan Pools would like to go into more detail about the process of installing a vinyl liner pool and see if this pool is right for you.

Can Vinyl Liner Pools Be Customized to Fit Any Shape?

\When deciding on installing a vinyl liner pool, the first step is planning and designing your pool. The pool contractor most often will come to your home and measure the size of your backyard to get an idea about the pool’s size and what is possible. The size of the pool will need to be determined as well as the pool’s shape. In-ground vinyl liner pools can be custom designed. However, premade vinyl liner pools will be faster to install. It is up to the homeowners if they want an already fabricated pool or custom design the pool. Vinyl liner pools use metal framing that dictates the pool’s shape and size. The liner attaches to this metal framing. If the homeowner wants a custom designed pool, they will need to wait for the framing to be fabricated. Along with designing the pool’s size, shape and other electrical and plumbing systems, the homeowner can choose from a variety of liners. The vinyl liner comes in many different colors and designs to provide plenty of options to choose from. Once the pool has been designed, and the site picked for the pool to be installed, it is time to move on to the next step.

Digging & Building the Pool

The first step toward constructing your pool is digging the site for the pool. This is known as excavation. Excavation can be completed in a single day as long as there aren’t too many problems. As the homeowner, it helps to provide space for the tractor to enter the yard to begin excavation. Once the site has been dug up, the pool construction can now begin. The pool’s frame is assembled using the prefabricated panel. At first the space around them will remain empty, later the space will be filled in with concrete. The plumbing and electrical system will then be installed and then inspected. After the plumbing and electrical work has been inspected the empty space will be filled in with concrete.

Install Vinyl Pool Liner

Now the vinyl liner is ready to be installed. The pool’s floor is prepared by filling the bottom with a sand or a hard shell before the liner is installed. The pool floor must be perfectly smooth to ensure a quality pool. Once the floor has been prepared, the vinyl liner is attached to the framing. Once the liner has been installed you may begin filling the pool with water. Once the water fills the pool, you can chemically treat the water and enjoy your new pool.

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Vinyl liner pools are fast to install and more affordable than other pools. If you want to have an in-ground vinyl liner pool installed in your backyard, contact Metropolitan Pools today.