How Do You Clean a Pool After a Party in Akron, OH? Run Pump, Foot Wash Station & More

One of the greatest advantages of having your own pool is the ability to hold pool parties with your friends and family. It can be a way to create some of your family’s greatest memories with your swimming pool. However, when you have a large group of people in your pool, it can leave you with quite the mess afterwards. If you have plans for pool parties this summer, you may want to do a couple of things to help minimize the impact of a pool party on your pool. Metro Pools is here to share some tips to help you clean up your pool after a pool party.

Pool Foot Wash Station

Before your pool party starts, the best way to keep debris out of your pool and significantly cut down the amount of work that is needed to clean up afterwards, consider putting your garden hose next to the pool. If everyone that gets into the pool hoses off the debris from their feet before jumping in, you would be surprised at how much time is saved from cleaning up later.

Keep Food & Drinks Away from Swimming Pool

Every good pool party is filled with good food and drinks. The challenge with that comes the chore of keeping the food and drink out of your swimming pool. You shouldn’t hesitate to set some boundaries that keep a safe distance between the food and drink and the pool. It may be a good idea to avoid using drinks that come in glass bottles that could shatter and cause injury near the pool as well. Go ahead and set up an eating station where guests can enjoy food and drink without spilling in your pool.

Welcome Your Guests at Entrance of Home or Backyard

Another good idea is to meet your guests as they arrive with some swag that will help make your life easier when they leave. For instance, you can have a basket of cheap flip flops for them to choose and wear around the pool deck to keep debris off their feet before they jump in. You can also hand them a drink and cup of goodies that will help you avoid glass bottles and aluminum products that make more work for you later.

Run Pump After a Pool Party

Once the party is over and every has gone home, turn that pump on and let it circulate the water a bit. This will help to remove some of the debris as it moves the water around. Get out your pool skimmer and snag any debris that you can see floating around in the water as well.

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services & Management in Cuyahoga, Lorain, Erie, Lake, Geauga, Summit, Stark and Medina Counties in Northeast Ohio

The best way to clean up your pool after big pool parties is to call on a pool professional at Metro Pools for you. We can help you clean and maintain your pool throughout the entire summer, not just the nights that you have a pool party. Call us today!