How Do You Maintain Your Pool to Keep Water from Turning Green with Algae in the Winter in Mentor, OH?

During the winter your pool is left alone and most likely has been winterized until spring where you will begin preparing your pool for summer. During the winter a number of problems can occur, including the water turning green. Green pool water can be caused by a number of factors. You can prevent this problem with the proper winter care maintenance. Most people assume the pool will not require any maintenance during the winter. However, this is wrong. A pool still requires maintenance, just not as often. To help prevent your pool water from turning green, Metropolitan Pools will share how you can prevent your pool water from turning green this winter season.

Why Does Pool Water Turn Green?

So, why does the pool water turn green? This is because there is a lot of algae in your pool’s water. Algae is a common growth in water, and mostly in standing water. When algae develops in your pool water, something has gone wrong. In most cases algae occurs when somethings gone wrong with the chemical balance and or your pool’s pump. Standing water and imbalanced chemicals is the perfect recipe for green water. Algae is a major problem even during the winter. This is why it is important to maintain your pool even during the winter season.

How Do You Maintain a Pool in the Winter?

Maintaining your pool is important to combat green water during the winter. One of your first steps in maintaining your pool is maintaining the pool’s chemical balance. If your pool water never freezes, you should always be checking the chemical balance. When checking your pool’s chemical balance, you want your pH level to range between 7.2 to 7.6. The next step is that you will want to clean and backwash your pool filtering system at least once a month. Next, you will want to keep the pool covered. Not only do you need to cover your pool but you should also clean the pool cover at least once a month as well. The cover can be the source for algae to develop.

How Do You Clear Up & Fix a Green Pool?

If you were one of the unlucky people to have developed a green pool this winter season, you will want to start right away to correct your pool water. First you will want to determine what type of algae you are dealing with. There are different types of algae that can develop in the pool. The color can often help you know how bad your pool water is, for example:
Green Algae: One of the more common types of algae to develop in the pool is green algae. Luckily, green algae can be easily treated. You will just need to sanitize and filtrate your pool’s water.
Yellow Algae: Yellow algae is more common in the spring and summer as this type of algae develops from a lot of pollen or sand that has gotten into the pool. This type of algae is much harder to treat.
Black Algae: This is one of the worst types of algae to develop in pool water as it is very difficult to treat. You will need to scrub the surface along with chemically treating the pool.

Will Shocking a Pool Remove Algae?

When algae develops in the pool you may need to shock the water. Green algae often requires two shock treatments, yellow will need three, and black will need four or more shock treatments. Additionally, you will need to brush the sides and floor clean and clean out the filter weekly until all of the water is cleaned. When the pool water turns green, you will want to seek professional help to reclaim your pool and have it ready by summer.

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