How Can I Save Money on My Inground Swimming Pool in Strongsville, OH? Maintain Equipment & More

When you own a pool in your backyard, it can mean endless hours of entertainment and fun. It can also mean an added expense as well. There is certainly some money required to keep your pool up and running. There are several ways that you can save money in regard to your pool and maintaining it. Metropolitan Pools is here to share our best money saving tips for pool owners.

Maintain Pool Equipment

The equipment needed to keep your pool up and running isn’t cheap. No one wants to have to replace it prematurely. When you take proper care of your pool equipment, you can see its life double. You should keep all of your equipment out of the sun, always. When storing your vacuum, make sure the head is upside down so that the brush won’t flatten. All of these little tips help extend the life of your equipment.

Retain the Heat in Your Pool

It doesn’t matter if you use the sun or a heater to keep your pool warm, you should try to keep that heat in your pool as much as possible. This can be done with a solar blanket. These solar blankets, or panels over your pool will help to keep it more comfortable by using the sun which you don’t have to pay for at all.

Don’t Allow Water to Sit on Top of Pool Cover

It can be tempting to put thoughts of your pool on the back burner during the colder months of the year. However, you should avoid doing this as it will save you money to keep it maintained even during the winter. You shouldn’t allow the water that accumulates during the winter sit on top of your pool cover. It will eventually get into your pool and create a swamp-like issue there.

Use Chlorine Alternatives

Using Chlorine to keep your pool clean can be expensive when there are many alternatives out there to help you achieve the same result. You can use salt, ozone, UV or bromine to help you get the same cleaning results for less cost.

Know Peak and Off-Peak Hours for Electricity Usage

In many areas, there are peak and off-peak hours for electricity usage. In these areas, you will pay significantly more for your electricity during peak hours. Usually, peak hours are between 7am-7pm. Avoid running your pool pump during these hours to avoid paying more to run it. This is something simple that can be done and give you some good savings in the meantime.

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