Do Swimming Pool Filters Need to Be Cleaned in Parma, OH? How Do You Know when to Change Your Filter?

One of the ongoing need of a pool is having their filters or cartridges cleaned or replaced. This maintenance is essential as it helps to keep your water clean. However, one of the most common questions asked is when to clean or replace the pool filters. There comes a time that the pool filter or cartridge will need to be replaced. However, they can be cleaned and reused. To better know when to clean or replace a pool filter, Metropolitan Pools will share when to clean or replace your pool filter or cartridges.

When Should I Clean My Pool Filter Cartridge?

A pool filter cartridge will need to be cleaned whenever the filter pressure increases by eight PSI or above the normal operating limit. A pool filter should never pass its PSI level. In addition, it should at least be cleaned every six months. It is best to maintain a schedule to ensure the pool filter never gets neglected. However, you will also want to monitor the pool water’s condition. If the water begins to look murky, your filter may need to be cleaned. When cleaning your pool filter cartridge, you will want to remove most of the larger debris and then soak the filter in a cleaning solution to remove any build up or grime. Often the pool filter will need to be soaked in its cleaning solution for six hours or so and then it will need to be thoroughly rinsed out. To ensure the filter is properly cleaned, many people will hire a pool service to come and help maintain their pool, including the filters. However, as the homeowner you will want to monitor the pool and if needed, clean the filter if your pool service isn’t scheduled.

How Do I Know when to Change My Pool Filter Cartridge?

Depending on the quality of your pool filter, they can last anywhere from three to five years. The age of the filter can help determine when to replace it, but there are other factors to consider. One is the change in your pool’s water quality. If you attempt to clean your filter and yet the pool water isn’t clearing up, this is often a sign the pool filter needs to be replaced. Once the filter is too worn down it will not be able to trap the dirt and debris in the pool water effectively. Another sign that your pool filter may need to be replaced is when you need to frequently clean out the filters. A filter should not need to be cleaned but once every six months. If you find you need to clean out your filter every month then it is time to replace the filter. When the pool filter is damaged, it cannot properly clean the water. A damaged filter should always be replaced to ensure the water is being cleaned. The filter should be inspected for any damages and if detected, have the filter replaced. One major part of the pool filter that should be checked, is the filters bands. There are horizontal bands that run around the filter that helps keep the filter pleats in place. If the bands are loose or broken, the filter will not clean the water very well and the filter’s should be replaced.

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