How Do You Maintain a Vinyl Liner Pool in Twinsburg, OH? Have Pool Cleaned Often, Avoid Sharp Objects & More

We have presented helpful guides on proper vinyl pool care in the past. To continue sharing the proper care your vinyl pool needs, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to continue today by offering additional proper vinyl pool care tips to ensure your vinyl pool is well taken care of!

How Can I Make My Vinyl Pool Liner Last Longer?

Regularly Clean Your Pool – In order to help prevent staining and discoloration on your liner, cleaning your pool consistently is necessary. You are also more likely to notice damage, leaks, and other issues before they completely destroy your liner if you are properly maintaining your pool.
Ensure the Waterline and Corners are Especially Clean – Common areas for debris, oil from your skin, and scum to build up and stain your liner includes the waterline, hard-to-reach corners, and your pool ladder or stairs.
Avoid Draining Pool– To hold your vinyl pool liner in place and prevent shrinking and other issues, gravity and water pressure are essential. You can cause damage to your liner and cause structural damage to the pool itself by draining your pool. Without draining the pool, most maintenance can be done. If you’re replacing the liner or under the guidance of a swimming pool professional is when you should only drain your pool. If you need help installing or repairing a liner, Metropolitan Pools can help.
Avoid Sharp Objects in or Around the Pool – If they make their way into your pool, sharp objects (such as tools, stones, sticks, and glass) can easily cause rips and tears in your liner. When using a sharp object anywhere near your pool, use caution. Monitor the kids and ensure they do not contact the pool with harp things. They are known to throw sticks, rocks, and other foreign objects into the pool for fun.
Only Pool Toys Should be Allowed in the Pool – Dive sticks and pool floats are great for relaxing and having fun in the pool, along with other water-friendly pool toys. Leave Barbie dolls, Legos, robots, and other toys inside should be left inside. Toys that are not designed for pool use can potentially poke holes and cause damage to your liner.
Instead of Glass, Stick with Plastic or Paper Products – In addition to scratching and damaging your pool liner, broken glass is not only a hazard for the humans wandering barefoot around your patio area. opt for plastic and other pool-friendly reusable options to avoid accidental damage from broken glass if you’re having a backyard barbeque or picnic for example.
Ensure Participants are Wearing Proper Swimwear – On a hot day, especially after doing outside work and fun, it may be tempting to fall into a pool. Change into proper swimming attire before you dive in though. There are accessories on certain clothes that can damage your pool such as buttons, zippers, and metal clasps. If they accidentally find their way into your pool, random items, such as keys or pocketknives left in your pocket can also puncture your liner. To avoid scuffing up or scrape the liner, you should also remove your shoes and/or opt for water shoes while swimming.

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We will conclude with additional proper vinyl pool care in future blogs. Until then, trust in Metropolitan Pools to assist you with all your vinyl liner pool needs from installation to repair and maintenance.