Can You Change the Shape, Size and Depth of an Existing In Ground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool in Brecksville, OH?

When you have owned a pool for years, or you have recently moved into a home with a pool, you might decide that you do not like the look, shape, or size of your pool. You may then wonder if you can change your pool design. For those who have ever asked themselves the question “can I change my pool’s design?” The answer is, yes! However there is a lot to consider when changing a pool’s shape, size, depth and or design. Metropolitan Pools would like to share what needs to be considered when changing your pool.

Can You Change the Size of an Inground Pool?

When you want to change your pool, whether it is the pool’s size, shape, depth or color and design, the type of pool is a major consideration. Any pool can be broken down and rebuilt or constructed. However, depending on the type of pool you have, the cost will vary. The easiest and most affordable type of pool to change are the inground vinyl liner pools. Vinyl liner pool’s construction style makes them very easy to change compared to other pool styles. Fiberglass and concrete pools will require much more labor and not just in constructing a new pool but also in breaking down the old pool. If you have a fiberglass or concrete pool, are more money, time and materials will be required when redesigning the pool.

Can You Change the Depth of an Existing Pool?

For those who fairly happy with their pool’s current shape and size and just want to change the depth, you are in luck. One of the easiest modifications that can be made to a pool is changing the pools depth. Whether you want a more shallow pool or a deeper pool, the pool construction will be limited to the pool floor. However, this is only true for vinyl liner pools. For fiberglass and concrete pools it is hard to break the bottom out. Additionally the plumbing system along the pool’s floor also makes it challenging to change the pools depth. For those with fiberglass and concrete pools, prepare for a bigger investment when changing the depth.

Changing a Pools Shape & Size

When changing the shape or size of the pool, this too can pose its own set of changes. Digging out and reshaping the pool is not the biggest problem. The biggest challenge is the plumbing. When changing the pool’s size and shape, you will also need to redesign the piping system that circulates and helps clean the water. Changing the pool shape will involve far more than just the pool side walls. Both the plumbing and lighting system in the pool will need to be changed. Again, one of the best types of pool to make any modifications to are inground vinyl liner pools. Their unique construction makes them the easiest to modify and redesign.

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