Can You Reinstall a Used Pool Liner in Sandusky, OH? Liners Shrinking & Drying Out from the Sun & More

If you have a vinyl lined pool in your backyard and are wanting to move it for one reason or another, you may be wondering if you can simply reuse the pool liner that is in your pool right now. Any pool company will tell you the same thing, vinyl pool liners are made to be used once and not moved. There are several reasons why this is the answer you will get. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about why you will not be able to reuse an old vinyl pool liner in a new pool.

Why Can’t You Reuse a Vinyl Pool Liner

When a vinyl pool liner is made, there are several plasticizers that are added to the vinyl to give it the ability to stretch to the shape of the pool. Either with the use of vacuums or the weight of the water, the vinyl is stretched into place and pulled taut. As time passes, these plasticizers are fewer due to chemical exposure, UV exposure and exposure to the water. In fact, these plasticizers escape the vinyl quickly after installation happens. Within 6-12 months of installation, there are less than half the plasticizers still in the vinyl. Following are the two biggest issues that come with trying to reuse a vinyl liner.
– Do Vinyl Pool Liners Shrink?: After you have a vinyl pool installed in your backyard, the vinyl will actually shrink in size as it is exposed to UV rays. It doesn’t matter because the liner is held in place by the thousands of pounds of water that fills the pool. However, if you take that water out of the pool, you will notice immediately that the liner has shrunk and isn’t the same size that it used to be. If you tried to restretch the liner with water again, you will find that it will simply tear because it can’t handle the weight of the water again.
– Vinyl Liners Become Brittle from Drying Out: Over time and exposure to sunlight, you will find that the consistency of the vinyl liner itself will change. Think about the last time you left a rubber band in the sun for a long period of time. It becomes brittle and not nearly as elasticized. When you drain the water out of a vinyl pool and let it dry out, you will find that the same thing will happen with it. It will become brittle and will break rather easily.

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It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to keep the pool the exact same and just move it to a different location, you can in no way shape or form, use the same vinyl liner that was used before in a pool. However, if you are looking to have a vinyl pool installed on your property, you are in luck because Metropolitan Pools can help build the perfect pool for your property with our vinyl pool installation services. Call us today!