How Do You Maintain a Pool in the Off Season in Amherst, OH? Balance Water Chemistry & More

In some areas of the country, pool season lasts all year long. In Ohio, we definitely see a pool season and an off season. During that off season, it is important that you still care for your pool to ensure it is up and ready to go as soon as the world thaws out. Metropolitan Pools is here to share our best off season pro tips with you to help you maintain your pool even though you can’t swim in it right now.

How Do I Manage My Pool in the Winter?

When you continue to care for and maintain your pool during the off season, there is a smaller chance that you will have problems with your pool. Here are our best tips to keep your pool maintained this winter.
– Keep Checking the Pool: It can be easy to have a “set it and forget it” approach to your pool during the winter. If you have a cover on your pool, make sure you are peeking underneath that cover periodically to make sure everything looks good. This can help you catch problems early.
– Balance Water Chemistry: Even though it is the wintertime, you should keep an eye on your water chemistry to make sure the pH is where it needs to be. This should be done every week throughout the off season. In addition to this, you need to be using and algaecide to keep the algae under control.
– Check the Pool Equipment: You want to make sure your equipment is maintained during the winter as well. Check your filter gauge, exposed plumbing, pump and heater to make sure there aren’t any problems arising.
– Beware of Freezing Temps: You don’t want the water that is left in your pool to freeze and cause damage to the plumbing when the temperature dips too low. If this is supposed to happen, make sure you have circulation to help avoid this problem.
– Clean Pool Surfaces: You don’t want algae to grow on the surfaces of your pool. Make sure you’re cleaning them on a weekly basis throughout the winter to avoid algae growth that is a pain in the spring when you get your pool ready for the summer.
– Monitor the Water Level: The water level in your pool is another thing you will want to keep an eye on. Make sure the water level doesn’t dip too low to protect your pump and keep the pool primed. Your pool should be four to six inches below the skimmer during the winter.

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If you are having a difficult time keeping your pool maintained on your own, you can turn to the professionals at Metropolitan Pools to help you keep it up. We will make sure your pool is well taken care of no matter what time of the year it is. Call us today!