What Should I Expect from a Pool Service in Elyria, OH? What Does Pool Maintenance Consist Of & More

When you own a pool you will quickly learn that they are very demanding in terms of care and maintenance. Pools need their chemical levels checked and filters cleaned constantly. The pool will always need to be kept cleaned. This involves removing debris from the water and vacuuming the edges and floor of the pool. When you look at all that is required in maintaining a pool, you may consider seeking professional pool services. Metropolitan Pools will share what you can expect from a professional pool service which will help maintain your pool.

What Does a Pool Maintenance Company Do?

When you are considering putting your pool’s care into the hands of a professional, it is natural to want to know what they can do for your pool. A professional pool service can be scheduled to come to your home weekly or bi-weekly to perform all of the needed pool maintenance and care. Depending on the size of your pool and the climate will determine how often your pool needs to be serviced. A typical pool maintenance service includes:
• Vacuuming the Sides and Flooring of the Pool
• Cleaning the Water’s Surface by Skimming it with a Net
• When Needed, the Sides of the Pool Walls will be Scrubbed
• The Skimmer Baskets are Emptied
• Check the Filtering System
• The Water pH and Chemicals Levels Checked and Balanced
• Water Level Checked and refilled as Necessary
• Shock Treatments as Needed
This is a typical pool check and maintenance schedule when hiring a professional service. However, pool services will not be there as often during the off seasson, and the pool will undergo a winterization which a professional will also assist with.

Is it Worth Having a Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service?

There are many benefits to seeking professional pool services. We have all of the tools and equipment to effectively clean your pool. In addition, you can save yourself a lot of money simply by hiring a professional pool service. Each company varies, but some will only ask you to provide the pool chemicals, while other pool services will provide the chemicals for you. You do not have to do anything but enjoy your pool. A professional pool service will also know how to troubleshoot a number of pool problems. When your pool pump isn’t working properly, or your pool chemical balance keeps going out of whack, your professional pool service can help. When seeking a professional pool service to help maintain your pool, you know your pool is in good hands. Not all homeowners will have the same level of dedication as a professional. A homeowner may not do the same quality of service mainly because most homeowners do not know better. With a professional pool service you have an experienced pool specialist caring for and maintaining your home’s pool.

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As a homeowner who has a pool you will discover there is a lot of care your pool needs. To ensure your pool needs are in the right hands, consider hiring a professional to help maintain your home’s pool. For quality pool maintenance and other quality pool services, contact Metropolitan Pools today.