Can Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners Be Patched in Lakewood, OH? When to Repair Liner VS Replace

With proper care a vinyl pool liner can last up to fifteen years or so. However, along the way the liner may need some repairs. When a vinyl liner develops a problem and needs repair, you may wonder if it is time to replace the liner versus repairing it. Eventually a liner will need to be replaced but determining when to repair or replace the liner may be a tricky subject. Metropolitan Pools would like to share a few key factors that can help determine when to repair or replace a vinyl pool liner.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Vinyl Pool Liner?

With proper pool care and maintenance you can get nearly fifteen years out of a single pool vinyl liner. Depending on the age of the liner will help you determine if the liner should be repaired or replaced. If you pool’s vinyl liner is about eight years or less, it still has some years to go and if the repairs are minimal, then it is safe to repair the liner. If the liner is nine years or older and it is beginning to need more and more frequent repairs, this is a clear sign that the liner needs to be replaced and start new.

Location of Vinyl Pool Leak, Hole & Other Damage

When the pool develops a leak the location of the leak can make repair difficult if not impossible. Here are some of the areas that can make repairing the liner near impossible.
• Damages near the Skimmer, Returns and Plastic Fittings
• Damages near the Bead Receiver (On a Bead Pool Liner)
• Damages near the Overlap Edge (On an Overlap Liner)
If the liner was damaged near these areas you may need to invest in a new pool liner. However, rips and small holes can be patched if located in other areas of the liner.

Vinyl Pool Liner Stains

If you want to repair stains on the liner the first step is to determine what caused the stain. Was the pool stained by the sun, organic matter such as vegetation, or is it a chemical related stain? Depending on what caused the stain, you might be able to have the liner cleaned. If the stain will not come out you may need to simply deal with it as most stains and cosmetic problems if the liner integrity isn’t compromised. However, if the liner has been bleached out from the sun, the sun will continue to degrade the liner. It takes the sun years to break down the liner, so if the sun has affected the pool liner, then it is most likely older and is due for a replacement.

Can You Stretch a Sagging Pool Liner Tighter

If your liner appears to be a bit stretched out you may wonder if you can have the liner re-tightened. When a liner becomes overstretched this is due to age and is not something that can be repaired. An overstretched liner will simply need to be replaced. If a newer liner has become stretched out this is most likely due to installation error. Contact your pool installer and let them know the liner seems loose or stretched.

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