Why is Lifeguarding Important in Richfield, OH? Lifeguard Water Rescues, First Aid, Saving Lives & More

When it comes to your pool, you want to know that it is as safe as possible for anyone swimming in it. Part of managing a public pool is to ensure that your lifeguards are properly trained. The lifeguards at your pool should be doing more than simply watching the water. They play a big role in the safety of anyone using the pool and with proper training they will be ready for whatever comes their way. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about some of the roles that are involved in being a lifeguard and the importance of proper training.

A Lifeguard Job is More than Watching the Water! Lifeguards Save Lives!

When most of us think about lifeguards, we imagine them sitting in a chair or pacing back and forth with their eyes on the water. While it is important for them to watch the water, their job is much more involved. They are definitely monitoring everyone in the water, but they are also sizing up the capabilities of each swimmer and working to reduce injury in the pool.

Lifeguard Water Rescues

If there is ever a swimmer that is in trouble, it is the responsibility of the lifeguard to intervene and make sure they don’t drown. Anytime there is water, there is a risk of drowning. Even those that would deem themselves great swimmers can get tired and not realize they aren’t close enough to the edge to safely get out of the water. This is obviously a bigger risk with children that don’t have much experience in the water. The changing weather conditions can play a role in the safety of a swimmer as well.

What Level of First Aid Do Lifeguards Have?

It is essential that every lifeguard has been properly trained in first aid. Whether they have to deal with small issues like a cut or bigger issue like a heart attack, a lifeguard needs to be ready. They are often the first responder at the scene when this happens at a pool and can truly have the ability to save a life. This is why many lifeguards have a certain level of EMS training and are certified in CPR.

Lifeguard Teaches Life Skills

The lifeguards we see at the pool don’t spend all of their time near the water. It is important that lifeguards are putting in time in the classroom to work to perfect the skills that they already have as well as new ones. This is a profession where you are always learning and growing in your job so that you are ready to handle whatever situation comes your way.

Lifeguard Training, Pool Management & More in Sandusky, Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Parma, Mentor, Akron & Greater Cleveland, OH

If you are managing a public pool, it is important that your lifeguards are ready and trained to handle any situation they may run into during the pool season. At Metropolitan Pools, we have partnered with Starfish Aquatics Institute to provide your lifeguards with top training and certification. Call us today!