How Deep Should a Pool Be for a Diving Board in Middleburg Heights, OH? What are Other Requirements?

Nothing will transform your backyard into an oasis like installing a swimming pool. If you are looking for a pool that is a little bit more than your basic rectangle, consider adding a diving board to make things interesting. Diving boards can add endless hours of fun for both adults and children when they are installed following some safety guidelines. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about how you can incorporate a diving board into your pool installation by following these basic safety tips.

How Deep Should a Pool Be for a Diving Board

Choosing the right depth is a huge part of diving board safety. If your pool isn’t deep enough, you can experience serious injury when you dive off of a diving board. Most pool manufacturers recommend that you have at least a 8′- 9′ deep pool to install a diving board safely. The depth needed for your pool depends on the shape and size of your pool as well. The entire pool doesn’t need to be this deep; just the area that is directly below the diving board so that the diver has enough space to dive without hitting their head on the bottom of the pool.

Minimum Pool Size for Diving Board

Generally speaking, if you are installing a diving board with your pool, you need to have a pool that is at least 16’ x 32’ to accommodate it. The larger your pool is, the larger your shallow area will be after you have constructed the diving well. If a shallow space is important to you, you may want to consider a larger pool to accommodate it.

What are the Requirements to have a Diving Board?

Aside from the depth and the size of the pool, you won’t run into too many other regulations to keep you away from the fun. You can make a diving board work with virtually any shaped pool and can add as much dimension as you would like. You should never add a diving board to a pool that is built above the ground as these pools simply aren’t built deep enough to handle it. If you are moving an older diving board from a different pool, you need to make sure your new pool can accommodate it before simply installing the board. You should also always make sure you are following the installation guidelines that are given to you by the manufacturer of the diving board to make sure it is installed properly.

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