Why are In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools Best in Cleveland, OH? Low Cost & Maintenance, Durable & More

Vinyl liner swimming pools are among the most common pools and have been constructed in the United States for over 60 years. Technology and the material used to build the pools are continually advancing, resulting in a superior product that is long-lasting and beautiful. Vinyl liners offer several advantages to homeowners, including low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, design, smooth finish, and quick installation time.

Vinyl Liner In Ground Pool Cost

Firstly, vinyl liner pools cost less than other pools, making them the most economical pools on today’s market. A swimming pool is an investment, and it’s essential to consider the initial outlay and compare maintenance costs with other fabrications. For example, fiberglass and concrete are not only more expensive to install, but both are also expensive to repair if damaged. Vinyl, on the other hand, can be fixed quickly at a fraction of the cost. A vinyl pool’s total upfront cost will depend on several factors, including shape, size, type and filtration. There are many options available for homeowners to select from, including inground, above-ground, traditional chlorinated, saltwater, heating for winter, or custom features including automatic covers, tanning ledges, or waterfalls. Your Metropolitan Pools expert can offer advice and help you make the right selections for your home.

Are Vinyl Liner Pools Durable & Low Maintenance?

All pools require maintenance regardless of the type; that being said, vinyl-lined pools are incredibly durable, and because vinyl is non-porous its doesn’t require as many chemicals to keep it clean. Plus the smooth surface makes it much harder for algae and other contaminants to attach to the surface. A liner that is cared for and maintained will offer you many years of service. Buyers often ask how long a pool liner will last, and the answer varies depending on sun exposure, usage, and care. As a general rule, with regular maintenance, your vinyl pool liner can last for ten years or more before it will need to be replaced.

Design Options of In-Ground Vinyl Liner Pools

With literally thousands of design options available, the possibilities are practically limitless. In today’s market, vinyl pools are available with many features, including spill-over spas, and tanning ledges and liners are available in several different patterns and colors. Vinyl liners are also smooth to the touch, which, as previously discussed, is beneficial when it comes to maintaining and cleaning, leaving you more time to enjoy your investment.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Fast installation is another advantage of a vinyl pool when compared to concrete pools, which can take eight to twelve weeks to complete. A vinyl-liner can be completed in as little as two to four weeks depending on the design. The sooner construction is completed, the sooner you and your family can enjoy your new pool. The experts at Metropolitan Pools recommend installing your pool during spring, so it’s ready to enjoy when the hot summer months arrive. When you consider all of the options available, you ill clearly see that vinyl pools have many advantages, including stunning, customizable designs and styles, low upfront costs, and fast installation time.

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