What Causes Stains on a Vinyl Pool Liner in Mentor, OH? Scum Lines, Hard Scale, Brown Water Line & More

In addition to being an incredible eyesore, pool stains caused from stains, scum, and scale can be damaging to vinyl liner. To ensure these stains do not cause any permanent damage, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Today, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to take the opportunity to share the common vinyl pool stains and how to remove them.

Vinyl Liner Pool Scum Lines

If a chlorine-based cleaner is used, the liner can get bleached since vinyl Liner pools are slightly different than others. For example, on plaster or fiberglass pools, a very successful solution is Comet cleanser, which is not only effective but affordable, believe it or not. In combination with a scrub brush, this is very efficient at removing stains. As a result, using a Vinyl Cleaner is recommended. Generally, it is usually caused by oily pollutants found in either the atmosphere or from swimmers using the pool if in the event your pool has a scum problem. Usage of a product similar to Pool Perfect is recommended in order to treat this problem. Being very beneficial in eliminating scum lines is also having your pool filter cleaned yearly.

Brown Water Line Stains on Vinyl Pool Liner

On occasion it may be below the line since these stains are stains that do not wipe off easily. These pool stains are sometimes caused by dirt or debris, leaves, chemical imbalance or environmental pollutants. Magic eraser sponges is an inexpensive solution for a vinyl liner pool. Though it is highly effective, your arms may become a bit sore as quite a bit of scrubbing will be needed. However, a method called acid washing is the fastest way to remove these stains from a plaster pool but can be devastating on vinyl. Prior to a scrub brush for the tougher stains, an acid washing is done by lowering the water level and introducing Muriatic Acid to the stain. All Muriatic Acid must be rinsed from pool prior to swimming once cleaned. Balancing the water chemistry is critical since the levels of the Alkalinity and PH will be affected. Do not confuse this recommended cleaning for plaster and tile pools for vinyl cleaning. You will damage the vinyl liner.

Vinyl Pool Liner Hard Water Scale

Waterline scale is very common if you live in an area known for hard water. It may sometimes appear as a brown or gray color once mixed with dirt and oils and it usually appears as a whitish deposit. The best solution for the removal of the scale is Jack’s Magic, no matter if you have a vinyl pool or plaster. It has a minimal effect on water chemistry as there is a Jack’s Magic for not only above but below it too. The regular use of a Stain & Scale Control or similar sequestering agent is crucial in keeping the scale from forming on the pool if you live in a hard water area.

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