Is it Worth Getting a Vinyl Liner Inground Pool in Parma, OH? Cheaper, Popular Designs, Algae Resistant & More

If you want to install a swimming pool to help you beat the summer heat, you will quickly see there are several different types of pools to choose from. When researching different types of pools you may come across vinyl in-ground pools. There are a lot of benefits to installing these great pools. Metropolitan Pools would like to share the many benefits of installing an in-ground vinyl pool.

Vinyl Inground Pools are Cheaper than Concrete

When it comes to installing a pool, you already know that it is very expensive. You will need to get a permit to build a pool, then there is the cost of hiring a contractor and building your pool. When it comes to building all of the different types of in-ground pools, a vinyl pool is one of the most affordable options. The method of how vinyl pools are built simply makes them cheaper than other types of pools. Vinyl pools are less expensive to keep clean and will last a very long time. There will come a time when the vinyl liner will need to be replaced, but the savings from the ongoing care of the pool and the initial installation of the pool helps to pay for the vinyl replacement and still helps save money. If you are on a budget, you may find a vinyl in-ground pool to be the better choice.

Can Algae Stain a Vinyl Pool Liner?

When algae develops in the pool you shouldn’t ever swim in the pool until after the water has been treated and the chemicals have had time to stable out. Combating algae is much harder in other types of pools than it is a vinyl pool. Algae likes to form in small pores in fiberglass or concrete pools. Not only does the algae like to form in the small pores, but the pores make it much harder to clean the pool. A vinyl pool has a smooth algae-resistant surface which means the pool stays cleaner and when the water needs to be treated, it is less intense. If you do not want to worry about fighting algae, again an in-ground vinyl pool is the better choice!

Popular & Unique Vinyl Liner Pool Designs

Vinyl pools allow the homeowner to create a unique design. Designing a vinyl pool can be very flexible as the pool can be designed with over 8 different patterns or shapes. Not only can you determine the pool’s shape and size, but the vinyl liner comes in many different colors and prints. You can add the same features to a vinyl pool as any other pool. You can design a vinyl pool with a diving board section, lights, water features and more. You can have an amazing looking pool without the insane cost. Not only can you design a unique pool, but vinyl pools can be installed much faster than any other pool.

Vinyl Pool Installation, Replacement, Repair, Maintenance & More in Sandusky, Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Parma, Mentor, Akron & Greater Cleveland, Ohio

There are a lot of benefits when choosing an in-ground vinyl pool. If you want to install an in-ground vinyl pool in your backyard, contact Metropolitan Pools. We provide in-ground vinyl pool installation, vinyl liner replacement, pool care, lifeguard training and much more!