What Causes Damage to a Vinyl Pool Liner in Brecksville, OH? Sun, Slipped Beaded Edge & More

For those who have an inground vinyl liner pool, one of the main concerns is how to protect your pool vinyl liner. An inground vinyl liner pool will need to have the liner replaced about every 10 to 15 years. However, there are a number of ways that can reduce the life of your pool’s vinyl liner. Metropolitan Pools would like to share some of the common types of exposure that will damage and reduce the life of your pool’s liner.

Will Sun Damage a Vinyl Pool Liner?

A vinyl liner is designed to hold up against the sun for fifteen years or so. However, the sun can reduce the age of the liner if it is left constantly exposed and or having low water levels. You will want to cover the pool when you are not using the pool and make sure to maintain the proper water level for your pool. Do not under estimate the power of the sun. Take the needed steps to protect your pool liner from sun or UV damage.

Improper Vinyl Liner Pool Maintenance

All pools require proper maintenance. Pools need to be cleaned regularly, the pump filter will at times need to be replaced or cleaned, and chemical levels maintained. Maintenance will help keep the liner clean and will prevent the liner from degrading. It is also important to put in the right amount of chemicals as too much chlorine can degrade the liner. For those with an inground vinyl liner pool, consider having a professional pool service to help you maintain and take care of your pool. This will extend the life of the pool’s liner.

Do Vinyl Pool Liners Tear Easily?

When you have a vinyl liner pool, you need to be careful of what objects or pets enter your pool. A vinyl liner can be cut and damaged by animals and sharp objects. Never allow your pets in your pool and try to keep other animals out of your pool as well. It is not completely unusual to find a deer in your pool. It is recommended that you have a fence built around the pool and avoid allowing your dog in your pool. Additionally, don’t bring in tools and other sharp objects into a vinyl liner pool. If the liner does develop a rip, it can be repaired but you will want to seek repairs quickly.

Slipped Beaded Vinyl Liner from Track

Occasionally an inground vinyl liner pool will have the liner become detached. When you notice the liner beginning to separate from the pool’s wall, you will need to have this problem addressed quickly. A vinyl liner uses liner beads to hold the liner in place. The liner can detach from the beads due to improper installation or shrinking. The sun can change the shape of the liner in some cases. When the liner separates, the liner can begin to tear or release water into areas you do not want water to go. If you see the liner beginning to separate from the pool, seek professional repairs right away.

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