How to Maintain a Commercial Pool in Cleveland Heights, OH; Monitor Chemicals, Service Pump & More

A commercial pool has a complex filtering system that works hard to ensure the pool stays clean. No one wants to swim in murky or dirty water. With so many visitors coming to a commercial pool, it comes as no surprise that demanding maintenance is evolved. There are four major elements of a commercial pool that requires proper care and maintenance. Metro Pools would like to share the primary components of a commercial pool, their common failures, and why it is essential to have ongoing commercial pool maintenance and services.

Monitoring the Automatic Pool Chemical Monitor & Dispenser

Commercial pools use a chemical controller which is a complex device that performs a number of tasks. A chemical controller uses sensors to monitor the chemicals in the pool. When the chemical levels drop it will trigger an alarm like system which will tell the injector to release the needed chemical. The chemical controllers are interlinked with injectors that contain the chemicals such as chlorine, water softeners, pH, alkaline, and cyanuric acid. Each chemical must be in perfect balance to keep the water clean and clear. When the chemical controller fails, they will need to be repaired or at some point, replaced. A professional commercial pool service can run diagnostics of the chemical controllers and pinpoint the problem. If need be, they can also replace the chemical controllers.

Do Pool Pumps Need to Be Serviced?

A commercial pool uses a pool pump to suck the water into the filter where the filter will remove the larger particles in the water and is then circulated back into the pool. The pool pump uses on average, a 25 horse power motor that sucks in the water. This powerful motor also runs every day and as such, it comes as no surprise that the pool pump wears down more than any other component. The pool pump often needs to be cleaned out and from time to time, it needs to be replaced. It is important to identify a failing pool pump before it breaks down to ensure it gets replacement as needed, to keep the commercial pool clean at all times. A commercial pool service checks the pump and ensures that it is running smoothly or they can replace a dyeing pool pump.

Can You Clean & Reuse Pool Filters?

Cleaning and replacing pool filters is a never ending task. Pool filters are essential in keeping the water clean. When it comes to a commercial pool, it is important to have the pool filter routinely cleaned and replaced. Never let the pool filter get neglected. When hiring a pool service they will come on time to check the filter and the other major components.

Repair or Replace Pool Heater

Commercial pools will often heat the pool and of course, the spas. The types of pool heating systems can vary from gas, to electrical, or solar. Each system requires different maintenance and repairs. Old heaters should also be replaced as they cost much more to run. Modern heating systems can greatly reduce the cost of heating a commercial pool and spa. When commercial pools need their heating system repaired or replaced, a professional pool service can help you.

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