How Do I Landscape My Pool Area in Brecksville, OH? What Do You Put Around the Edge of Pools & More

During the winter or fall season you may have decided to install a pool and have it ready in time for summer. If you just had your pool finished, you will now be turning your sights on the surrounding landscaping. It is important to plan the landscaping carefully as it can lead to a dirty and unhealthy pool. Metropolitan Pools would like to share a few landscaping tips to help make your backyard beautiful, and at the same time, will not negatively affect your pool.

Pool Fence

When planning your landscaping, do not forget to have a pool fence installed. You may need to work your landscaping around the fencing, but the fencing is essential for pool safety. Make sure to look up your city laws on pool fences as they can vary, and make sure you follow city laws and protocol for pool fencing.

What Do You Put Around the Edge of a Pool?

When planning your landscaping, you may want to save money on concrete and paver stones and lay rock or plant grass around the pool. This is strongly discouraged. You do not want rock or grass around the pool. Mainly you will want to keep plants from growing too close to the pool. Grass and other plants can cause the soil around the pool to erode, not to mention when you cut the grass, clippings will get into the pool which affects the pool’s water and chemical balance. Rocks do not stop weeds or grass from growing and you will have the same problem. You will want to save and invest in concrete or paver stones to surround the edge of the pool. It is recommended that the concrete or paver stones come out about five feet to ensure the pool’s edge is protected. The solid edge also works well for pool furniture and sun bathing. There are a lot of reasons why you will want concrete or paver stones around your pool. It is a worthwhile investment.

Protect Pool from Trees

Many homeowners will want to plant trees near the pool for some naturally, shaded areas. However, when it comes to planting trees, you will need to be very careful. Tree roots can grow and damage the pool and its plumbing system. The tree roots will grow through anything and will make their way to the pool for water. If you want to plant trees, research the type of trees you want to plant and see how far their root system can grow. Make sure the roots cannot reach the pool or it’s plumbing system. Another major problem with trees are the leaves. Leaves will fall into the pool which make it more challenging to keep your pool water clean. Evergreens make for good trees for pool areas as they have less trimmings.

Avoid Outdoor Plants that Attract Bugs

Nothing is worse than having flies, mosquitoes, bees and wasps flying around your pool. Certain plants will draw in pests while other plants can help to repel pests. When looking for plants, do a little research on which plants help keep pests away. There are a lot of beautiful plants with pleasant aroma that will make your yard look beautiful and keep pests away from your pool.

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These are a few tips or suggestion you may want to consider when planning your yard and pool landscaping. For quality pool services, contact Metropolitan Pools today.