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How Do You Maintain a Clean & Healthy Swimming Pool in Mentor, OH? Skim, Brush, Vacuum, Test pH Levels & More

There is nothing more beautiful in your backyard that a sparkling swimming pool. This is a luxury that so many people feel is unattainable. Not only is a pool something that many homeowners can realistically consider putting in, maintaining it doesn’t have to be complicated either. There are many things that a homeowner can do…

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Does a Vinyl Liner Pool Installation Increase Home Value in Medina, OH? Yes, Vinyl Pools are Durable & Long Lasting!

When wanting to install a pool in your backyard, you will probably take steps to research the different types of pool, the cost, and how they are constructed. One of the most popular types of pools installed today are in ground vinyl liner pools. In ground vinyl liner pools are so popular because of their…

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What Should I Expect from a Pool Service in Elyria, OH? What Does Pool Maintenance Consist Of & More

When you own a pool you will quickly learn that they are very demanding in terms of care and maintenance. Pools need their chemical levels checked and filters cleaned constantly. The pool will always need to be kept cleaned. This involves removing debris from the water and vacuuming the edges and floor of the pool.…

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