Are Wrinkles in a Vinyl Pool Liner Bad in Cleveland Heights, OH? How Do I Stop Wrinkling?

Having a pool on your property is a great way to have endless entertainment for you and your family. One of the most cost effective kinds of outdoor pools is a vinyl liner pool. It can be easy to install and provide you with countless memories with those you love. If you have a vinyl liner pool, you need to be aware of some of the problems that can arise. One of them is wrinkles in the liner. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about what causes wrinkles in a vinyl liner pool, and what you can do to fix these wrinkles.

What Causes Vinyl Pool Liner Wrinkles?

Following are some of the common causes of vinyl liner wrinkles that homeowners encounter:
– Pool Chemicals: It is Important that the pH of your pool is right. If you constantly have your pool pH level low, it can cause problems with your liner. You might start to notice that there is puckering in the liner when it comes in contact with chlorine. If this is the problem, you might also start to notice that there is lightening or discoloration on the liner as well.
– Underground Water: If you live in an area where the water table is high, underground water can pose a problem for your pool. Underground water will start to push up the vinyl liner and cause what looks like a big bubble under the liner. It will be accompanied with wrinkles surrounding the bubble.
– Poor Pool Installation: The most common cause of vinyl pool liner wrinkles is improper installation. If the liner isn’t the right size for the pool, it can cause wrinkling to happen. The liner needs to be set properly before the pool is filled with water. If this step isn’t done right, then the liner will almost surely have wrinkles.
– Underground Erosion: This is not a common cause of vinyl pool liner wrinkles, but it is possible. When the ground is soft and there is underground water that is active, it can cause the liner to become distorted which leads to wrinkling.
– Water Loss: There needs to be at least 6” of water in the bottom of the pool. If the water level gets below that, the liner will begin to relax away from the pool walls. When this happens wrinkles will set in.

How Do I Stop My Pool Liner from Wrinkling?

The best way to avoid pool liner wrinkles is to have the professionals at Metropolitan Pools take care of your pool installation and maintenance. We will ensure that the pool liner is installed correctly so that you don’t run into wrinkling problems down the road. If you have any wrinkling in your vinyl pool, you can count on our highly qualified technicians to come take a look and help you solve the problem. We will help you care for an maintain your vinyl liner pool. Call us today!

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