Why is My Pool Pump Making a High Pitched Whistling Sound in Twinsburg, OH? Trapped Air & More

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any home, providing a refreshing oasis and an escape from the heat of summer. However, like any other system, pools can experience occasional issues that require attention. One common problem that pool owners may encounter is a high pitched noise coming from the pipes. This irritating noise can be pointing to an underlying issue within the pool’s plumbing system. Metropolitan Pools would like to explore some of the potential causes of this noise and share possible solutions to restore your pool’s plumbing system.

Trapped Air in Pool Pump

Air could be trapped within the pool’s plumbing system and is often the primary culprit behind the high pitched noise. When air becomes trapped in the pipes, it can cause vibrations that produce a distinct whistling or squealing sound. Some of the common causes for air to become trapped are:
• Low Water Levels: Low water levels in the pool can result in the pump drawing in air instead of water, leading to air pockets within the pipes.
• Clogged Skimmer Baskets: Blocked skimmer baskets prevent proper water flow, and potentially cause air to be drawn into the system.
Ensure that the pool’s water level is maintained within the recommended range and regularly clean and clear any debris from skimmer baskets. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to contact a professional pool service technician to inspect the plumbing system for any leaks or air leaks.

Water Hammer

Another common reason for a high pitched noise in pool pipes is a phenomenon known as water hammer. Water hammer occurs when there is a sudden change in water flow or direction within the plumbing system, leading to pressure surges and resulting in loud banging or screeching noises. Water hammer may be caused by:
• Sudden Valve Closures: Closing valves too quickly can cause a surge in pressure, leading to water hammer.
• Incorrect Sized Pipes: Improper sized pipes can lead to a sudden change in water flow and increase the likelihood of water hammer occurring.
Install water hammer arrestors, which are devices designed to absorb the shock of pressure surges and reduce noise. These can be retrofitted onto existing plumbing lines to prevent future instances of water hammer.

Other Water Pump Issues

The pool pump plays a major role in circulating water through the pool’s plumbing system. Malfunctions or irregularities in the pump can generate unusual noises, including high pitched sounds. Some common culprits behind pump issues can be:
• Impeller Issues: A damaged or worn out impeller can produce a whining noise as it struggles to move water effectively.
• Motor Bearings: Worn out or faulty motor bearings may also produce a high pitched squealing sounds.

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If you suspect a problem with your pool pump, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional pool service technician like Metropolitan Pools. We can diagnose and repair any pump related issues, ensuring that the pump runs smoothly and quietly. Never ignore a high pitched noise coming from your pools plumbing or pumping system. The sound is the call for help to ensure a healthy pool. For pool services and more, contact Metropolitan Pools today.