Why In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools are a Good Investment in Elyria, OH; Low Maintenance & More

When most people think about a vinyl liner pool, they are under the impression that they are above ground pools. However, they are in-ground vinyl liner pools and they are growing in popularity every year. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to having an in-ground vinyl liner pool. If you are considering getting a pool for your home, you may find this pool is just what you are looking for. Metropolitan Pools would like to share some of the many benefits of an in-ground vinyl liner pool.

Affordable Cost of Swimming Pool

When you want a quality pool that is designed to last, but you don’t have the money for a concrete or fiberglass pool, an in-ground vinyl liner pool is the answer. In-ground vinyl liner pools are a very high quality pool, but due to how they are made and the materials used, they are much more affordable compared to other in-ground pool types. Where in-ground vinyl liner pools have their pros and cons, if you need to weigh out the cost, these pools are far more affordable. An in-ground vinyl liner pool will have the normal expense as other pools such as excavation, building materials, electrical, plumbing and the filtering system installed. However, when totaling up the total cost, you will find you can have a good size pool for a great price.

Low Pool Maintenance

Every pool will require a lot of work and maintenance. However, you will discover that an in-ground vinyl liner pool requires less maintenance than other pools such as concrete or fiberglass pools. An in-ground vinyl liner pool is not porous which means there is little surface area for algae to grip to and develop. The smooth edge makes keeping the pool clean much easier. As the pool has less pores that always means you do not need to use as many chemicals to combat contaminants. When you want a pool that is much easier to maintain and keep clean, an in-ground vinyl liner pool is again much better than other pools.

Vinyl Pool Liners are Smooth

When swimming in a pool we often push off the bottom and side of the pool. Depending on the type of pool some of the edges and bottom of the pool is really rough, even able to cut through skin and cause blisters. If you don’t want a pool that hurts to swim in, then an in-ground vinyl liner pool is ideal. The vinyl liner used for these types of pool are smooth to the touch and will not hurt you when swimming.

Fast Pool Installation

Concrete and fiberglass pools can take months to build, where an in-ground vinyl liner pool can take only a few weeks to install. An in-ground vinyl liner pool is faster to install because of how they are designed. The frame and track of the pool is prefabricated in a shop. The hole is dug out and the frame is assembled inside. The electrical and plumbing system is then added. Lastly, the sub flooring material is laid and then the pool’s liner is attached to the track. The design and installation system of in-ground vinyl liner pools ensure the pool is built fast.

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