What Shape of Swimming Pool is Best in Medina, OH; Space, Function, Features, Budget, Type & More

While the most popular shapes for a backyard swimming pool are rectangle or kidney shaped, that doesn’t mean they are the only shapes that are available to you. While some people know right away what shape they want their pool to be, there are many people that struggle to make the decision and agonize over the right shape. Metropolitan Pools is here to share some tips about how to choose the right pool shape for your property.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Swimming Pool?

The first thing you need to think about and consider is the space you have for your pool. The shape of your yard will have a big impact on the shape of your pool. You need to consider what else you would like in your backyard. If you are wanting a lounging area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen or other design features, you need to make sure you have space for all of them in relation to your pool.

What is the Function of Your Swimming Pool?

What are you planning to use your pool for? If you are wanting to use it primarily for exercise, a rectangle pool is going to make the most sense for swimming laps. If you have little swimmers, think about the easiest way to keep track of them. When there are blind corners in your pool, it can be easy to lose eyesight of them and it creates a dangerous situation.

Plans to Decorate Around Your Pools

If you are planning on putting any features in around your pool, it changes the look and feel of the pool regardless of what shape it is. Features may include adding a hot tub, waterfalls, slides and more. Some features look better with certain shapes. Tanning ledges and benches work well with kidney shaped pools while water features might change up the look of your pool and stray from a traditional rectangle as well.

How Much Should I Budget for a Pool?

Most homeowners have a budget as they move into choosing the details about their pool, including the shape. If you are choosing a vinyl liner for your pool or fiberglass, the shape isn’t a budget buster usually. If you are installing a concrete pool, that’s another story.

Which Type of Pool is Best?

The type of pool you choose can have an impact on the shape you choose as well. With a concrete pool or vinyl pool, you can pretty much choose whatever shape you want. If you are choosing a fiberglass pool, your options will be more limited as they don’t come in very many different shapes.

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No matter what shape you have imagined your pool will be, you can count on Metropolitan Pools to install it perfectly for you. We will help you design the pool to fit the space that you have designated for it on your property. We offer vinyl lined pools that can be customized to fit any shape that you may have in mind for your backyard pool. Call us today!