What is Behind & Around the Vinyl Liner of an Inground Swimming Pool in Lorain, OH?

When you are thinking about buying a pool, you may have come across inground vinyl liner pools. When considering a vinyl liner pool you may wonder how they are made and what components to expect. Most above ground vinyl liner pool are fairly basic and may have given you some concern about whether you will be investing in a quality pool. Metropolitan Pools would like to put your mind at ease and break down the components and quality of an inground vinyl liner pool.

What is the Structure of a Vinyl Pool?

Excavation – As the name suggests, an inground vinyl liner pool is installed in the ground like any other pool. Not really a component but an essential element of an inground vinyl liner pool is that you will have a hole that is excavated and where the pool will be installed. The excavation process typically involves removing the topsoil and any rocks or debris.
Steel Frame – Once the hole is excavated, a steel frame is installed which will provide the structure that gives support to the pool. The steel frame consists of a series of steel panels that are bolted together to form the shape of the pool. The steel panels are then secured to stakes that are driven into the ground.
Plumbing – Plumbing lines are installed that will circulate water throughout the pool. The main drain is installed at the deepest point of the pool to help remove any debris from the bottom of the pool. Skimmer baskets are installed at the surface of the pool which removes leaves and debris from the top of the water, and return lines are installed that circulates the water back into the pool.
Vinyl Liner – A vinyl liner that fits to the pool perfectly is secured to the steel frame. Vinyl liners are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can be custom-made to fit the specific shape and size of the pool.
Coping & Decking – Coping is the cap that is around the edge of the pool, and it serves as a transition between the pool and the surrounding decking. Both the coping and decking is made from a variety of materials, such as concrete, natural stone, and brick. The choice of coping and decking materials can have a major impact on the pool’s aesthetics.
Filtration System – The filtration system is an essential component of an inground vinyl liner pool. It is made of a pump, filter, and skimmer basket that works together to keep the water clean and clear. The pump circulates the water through the filter, which removes algae, dirt, debris and contaminants from the water.
Heating System – A heating system is an optional component. The heating system, if installed, helps to warm up the water in the pool.
Lighting – Lighting can be installed to enhance the ambiance of the pool area and allow for night time swimming. There are several types of pool lighting such as LED, fiber optic, and incandescent lighting. The choice of lighting will depend on the desired effect and the budget of the pool owner.

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As you can see an inground vinyl liner pool has the same features and components as other inground pools. There are many benefits of investing in an inground vinyl liner pool, including quality! For vinyl liner pool installation and other pool services, contact Metropolitan Pools today.