What is a Good Size Residential Pool in Parma, OH? Best Length, Maintenance & More

Having a pool in your backyard is like owning a personal oasis. It can be the center of summer activities, a place for relaxation, or an ideal spot for fitness routines. However, one of the first decisions you’ll face when installing a pool is its size. Choosing the right pool size can be a balancing act between your dream design and practical considerations. Metropolitan Pools would like to share some considerations that can help you determine the size of your new pool.

Purpose of Swimming Pool

First consider what is the purpose of your pool. If the primary purpose is for children’s play and family gatherings, a larger shallow area might be ideal. Such pools are typically wider and less deep. For those looking to use the pool mainly for fitness, a long and narrow design will be more suitable for swimming laps. If you envision hosting pool parties, you might want a larger pool with varying depths to accommodate both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Size of Yard

The main factor that will determine the size of your pool is your yard’s size. The yard size will naturally dictate the maximum size of your pool. Ensure there’s enough space around the pool for pathways, lounging areas, or any other features you plan to include.

Pool Budget

A larger pool not only costs more to install but also requires more water, chemicals, and energy to maintain. It’s essential to factor in both installation and ongoing costs when considering pool size.
Safety Considerations – Families with young children or pets might choose a pool with broader and more shallow areas or a pool that can easily accommodate safety barriers for young swimmers.
Pool Maintenance – A larger pool will require more regular maintenance. This includes cleaning, chemical balancing, and potential repairs. If you’re not planning to hire a pool service, be prepared to spend more time on upkeep with a larger pool.
Future Landscaping Plans – If you plan to add a deck, patio, garden, or any other features in the future, you need to account for this when determining your pool’s size. It is essential to envision the entire backyard space, not just the pool.
Pool Aesthetic & Design – How will the pool look in relation to your home? A massive pool might overwhelm a smaller yard and home, while a tiny pool could look out of place in a vast space. You will want to find the right balance to your home and yard size.
Local Regulations – Always check with local regulations and codes before deciding on a pool size. There might be restrictions based on property lines, septic tanks, or utility lines.
Long-term Resale Value – Consider the potential resale value of your home. In some areas, having a larger pool might increase property value, while in others, a more modest, easy-to-maintain pool might be more appealing to future buyers.

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Choosing the right pool size requires a blend of practicality and desire. While it’s tempting to go big, it is essential to consider long-term factors like maintenance, costs, and usability. Consulting with a professional pool designer can help visualize your ideas and ensure you make a choice that brings years of enjoyment. For inground vinyl liner pool installation, maintenance and more, contact Metropolitan Pools today.