What Does Pool Installation Include in Lakewood, OH? Layout, Excavation, Pump & More

Installing an in-ground pool is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. Daydreaming about the finished product and how much fun you will have laying around in the sun splashing and relaxing is all part of the excitement. Installing an in-ground pool is a complex process that many homeowners are unfamiliar with. The experts at Metropolitan Pools have provided the following information to help educate you and answer some common questions regarding in-ground pool installation.

What is the Process of Installing an Inground Pool?

The experts at Metropolitan Pools will guide you through the design, selection of materials and ensure that you have the appropriate permits in place before the installation process can commence. The installation can vary slightly depending on the type of in-ground pool you have selected. Still, several steps are typical regardless of the kind of in-ground pool you have chosen, including:
• Pool Layout & Excavation: The experts at Metropolitan Pools will create the space where your pool is to be installed and create the shape of the selected pool. Some of the things you will need to consider are the relocation or removal of any trees or existing structures. Other considerations include underground utilities. Once the area is cleared, machinery will be brought in, and the excavation process will commence. If the excess dirt cannot be graded back into the space, it will be removed. The excavation process typically takes a few hours to a day to complete.
• Reinforcement of Pool with Rebar: The substructure of the pool will be secured, and this process can be completed using steel bars that will be placed horizontally and vertically to create a secure structure. Concrete is then poured along the exterior walls for an added layer of support. The process typically takes a day or two to complete
• Pool Pump & Filter System: The next step is to install the pool pumping and filter equipment. Pressure tests will be completed to ensure that the equipment is working at optimal performance levels. The process can take up to two days to complete.
• Pool Water Features: at this point, any water features, including waterfalls, and slides, etc., will be installed. The time frame varies depending on the number and complexity of the elements being installed. You can expect this process to be completed in two to five days.
• Run Electricity to Pool: Electrical wiring from the main electrical panel will be run to operate all of the pool equipment. If you are using gas, a line will need to be run from the main gas meter to the pool heater. Installation can take between one to two days and require an inspection to ensure it is up to code. Depending on the time of year, this can take an additional two to five days on average.
• Pool Decking: Concrete and pavers are the two most popular decking options and take three to five days to complete.
• Pool Fencing: You are now ready to complete your pool fencing. Depending on your local building code, pool fencing may be mandatory. Fence installation typically takes between three to five days .
• Pool Surfacing: Your pool is now ready to be plastered, and one final inspection must be performed. Your pool is now ready for the liner. Liners are available in several different shapes and sizes. They are available in many patterns, including tile or rocks, to give the finished product an upscale appearance.
• Fill Pool with Water: Your pool is now ready to be filled will water. The filling can take several hours to a couple of days, depending on the size of the pool. Lastly, the equipment will be turned on to make sure it is working correctly, and the ph levels of the water will be balanced. You will be provided with a set of instructions to explain the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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