What Causes Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Wrinkling & How Do You Fix to Get Wrinkles Out in Mentor, OH?

For those that have an inground vinyl liner pool, one of the worst problems to discover is wrinkles in your pool’s liner. Wrinkles in the pool vinyl liner can lead to a number of problems. Wrinkles in the liner can cause dirt to build up along the folds. The wrinkles can also lead to snags and holes developing. The folds caused by these wrinkles will become weak points in the liner. It is important to have wrinkles removed from your liner to prevent potential problems. Metropolitan Pools will share how wrinkles can form in a vinyl pool liner and what to do when they are discovered.

Can Pool Chemicals Cause Vinyl Liner Wrinkles?

Sometimes when the pool’s chlorine is constantly high or the pH levels are constantly low, the pool’s liner can develop puckering. When chlorine comes directly in contact with the liner, the problem can be widespread or localized. When the pH levels are too low along with high levels of chlorine, it can become corrosive and it literally sucks the plasticizer from the vinyl, causing the liner to contract and pucker, leaving only wrinkles. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair this problem and the vinyl liner will need to be replaced.

Can Water Underneath a Pool Liner Cause Wrinkles?

Even though rare, sometimes water can get underneath the pool. The water will push against the pool liner causing wrinkles. When a lot of ground water seeps in and around your pool, water will pool in towards the pool’s frame. High levels of groundwater usually occur when there has been a lot of rain or when there has been a recent plumbing leak saturating the soil. Where the liner is essentially being pushed and moved around, it can be tightened back into place. However, it is important to determine how so much underground water got underneath the liner and affected the pool. Underground water will not always push and cause wrinkles on the liner. The water in the ground can also lead to erosion, damaging the soil and sand that supports the pool.

Can You Smooth Out Wrinkles in an Oversized Liner?

In some cases, wrinkles may have developed because the liner is too big. If the liner wasn’t properly cut to fit your pool, the liner will be loose. The pool’s liner must fit the pool frame properly to ensure no wrinkling. If folds have developed, you will need to have the liner refitted to your pool frame.

Installing Pool Liner Improperly Results in Wrinkles

If the liner was not properly installed, one of many possible consequences are wrinkles in the liner. Winkles can develop when there was a flaw in the pool construction. Sometimes the sand along the floor of the pool wasn’t done properly or the liner wasn’t properly set when installed. If you have wrinkles due to poor installation of the liner of the pool itself, the pool will need to be repaired and the liner installed correctly.

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When wrinkles develop in your pool’s liner it is important to have them repaired or the liner replaced to prevent further problems. For vinyl liner replacement, wrinkle repair and more, contact Metropolitan Pools today.