What Causes a Vinyl Pool Liner to Fade & What Can Damage It in Lorain, OH? Bleach, Low pH & More

There is nothing like a bright blue vinyl pool installed in your backyard. If you have had one installed, you know how exciting it can be. It is important to make sure you aren’t doing anything that can ruin your vinyl pool liner as they can be expensive to replace. You want to protect this investment and avoid replacing your pool liner prematurely. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about things that will destroy your vinyl pool liner so that you can avoid them moving forward.

Mistakes That Can Ruin a Vinyl Pool Liner

There are several mistakes that new pool owners often make that can have a negative impact on their vinyl liner. Following is what you should avoid doing:
– Will Bleach Damage a Pool Liner?: You want the plasticity of the vinyl liner to stay intact so that you can enjoy your pool liner for as long as possible. When your pool has high levels of chlorine for long periods of time, it can be corrosive. As the resins are slowly pulled from the liner, it will become weaker and weaker. You should be careful to avoid shocking your pool more than is absolutely necessary to avoid this problem.
– Repair Rip or Other Leak in Vinyl Pool Liner: You need to be aware of any leaks that form in your vinyl liner. This can leave serious damage in its wake when you don’t fix pool leaks as soon as you notice them. Usually, leaks can be found easily and can be fixed so that you don’t run into issues with the liner getting exposed to the elements when water levels get too low.
– Can Low pH Damage Your Vinyl Liner Pool?: You need to keep track of the pH levels in your vinyl pool. Any levels that are lower than the neutral level of 7.0 will start to acidic and corrosive to your liner. This will make the vinyl less pliable and lead to the liner literally falling apart as it loses plasticizers and resins. Make sure you are checking the pH levels in your pool on a regular basis.
– Can a Dog’s Nails Rip a Pool Liner?: Many people that have dogs are often concerned that they are going to tear the liner with their claws. However, most of the time, dogs aren’t going to be a problem. If you deal with wild animals in your neighborhood, you need to keep them out of your pool though. They can cause serious damage when an animal like a deer, or raccoon makes its way into the pool.

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If you are interested in putting a vinyl pool in your backyard, there is no company better to trust to do the job right than Metropolitan Pools. We will install your vinyl pool so that you can spend countless hours out there enjoying it for years to come. We will help you know how to care for and maintain it as well. Call us today!