What are the Benefits of Swimming While Pregnant in Kent, OH? Helps Stay Cool, Relieves Pressure & More

There are several studies out there that show how beneficial exercise can be throughout a pregnancy. While there are several different options available for exercise during a pregnancy, one form of exercise can stand out above them all, swimming. Swimming has many different benefits for pregnant women to help them stay in shape and have a healthier pregnancy. Metropolitan Pools is here to talk about the many benefits that pregnant women can enjoy when they make swimming a part of their everyday routine.

Is Swimming Good While Pregnant?

Not only can swimming help you stay in shape throughout your pregnancy, but it can also bring a multitude of other benefits with it as well. Here are the biggest benefits to swimming throughout your pregnancy.
– Helps with Morning Sickness: Ask any woman who has experienced nausea throughout her pregnancy, and she will tell you it’s the worst. Doing laps at a slow pace in a swimming pool filled with cool water has been shown to help ease nausea.
– Stay Cool During Pregnancy: Heat can also be hard on women that are pregnant. With that little built-in heater in there, nothing feels better than the reprieve of a cool swim.
– Reduce Pressure: The added weight of a baby can put a significant amount of pressure on your hips and back during pregnancy. When you are swimming all of that extra weight is simply floating in the water. Taking that weight off for a while can feel like heaven.
– Helps with Circulation: Getting your blood flowing is not only healthy for the mom but the baby as well. That extra oxygenation can help your baby grow and develop at a healthy rate.
– Strengthens Core: Your muscles are stretched in ways that you never thought possible during pregnancy. Swimming can help strengthen your core muscles which will help with the birthing process as well as the recovery process afterwards. Many women struggle with diastasis recti after they have given birth which is a separation of the two rectus muscles in the abdominal wall. Strengthening your core can help you avoid this problem.
– Healthy Veins: Varicose veins are something that many women struggle with during pregnancy. When you are swimming, it takes pressure off your feet which can help you avoid varicose veins all together.
– Deeper Sleep: Sleep is something that you should take full advantage of before your baby arrives. When you are swimming and participating in a regular exercise routine, you will find that you get a deeper, more satisfying sleep.

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