What are Some Problems with In Ground Pools in Akron, OH? Algae Buildup, Murky Water, Clogged Filters & More

Many people love having the swimming pool readily available on their property grounds. Whether you enjoy having a pool for exercising purposes or love to play and have fun with various family and friend activities, pools are a wonderful commodity. Pools do require regular maintenance to stay in optimal condition and to ensure the water is safe and clear. Unfortunately, pools can experience some issues that can be problematic. Most problems that develop can be easily rectified, and more serious problems can be taken care of by a professional. Today, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to discuss the common pool issues and how to remedy the situation.

What Can Go Wrong with an In Ground Pool?

1) Pool Filter Gets Clogged. To keep the pool fairly clean, pool filters are the primary lead. It is necessary to clean out the filter thoroughly once debris starts to build up in your pool and your filter is clogged. Though this is really not as much of a problem as it may seem, once the filters are properly cleaned, they should be ready to clean the pool again. Seeing a clogged filter is not a bad thing, because it indicates it is doing its job and keeping the pool free of debris.
2) Buildup of Algae. You are dealing with an algae infestation of your pool when the surface of your pool looks green. A low level of chlorine is the most likely culprit. This can be easily remedied by putting in a shock treatment, fortunately. You may even want to use triple the amount of shock along with some algaecide if in the event the algae infestation is severe. Once done, it should not take very long until the water is clear again.
3) Water is Murky. To the point where you can easily see the bottom of the pool, pool water should be clear. The pH levels of your pool are probably off if in the event your pool is looking murky. Especially if the rain is acidic, rain can affect the pH of your pool. Although it may take a little while until the water is clear again, adjusting the pH level isn’t difficult, fortunately.
4) Abnormal Pool Stains. From time to time, stains on the vinyl can occur for different reasons. Some stains can develop due to high mineral levels. You can try rubbing the stain after you add some pH decrease on a cloth. The mineral levels were probably at fault if this removes the stain. You can try again using a chlorine stick instead if it does not work.
5) Pool Water is Milky Cloudy. Water hardness high levels of conditioner, TDS, or a bunch of swimmer waste or bather load. The water will become cloudy due to a high level of ammonia in the water, generally, after parties or when a lot of kids are in the pool. In order to free the contaminants from the water, also working as a clarifier, treat this issue with a non-chlorine shock also known as an oxidizer.

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