Vinyl Pool Liner Installation FAQ in Mentor, OH; How are Vinyl Pools Built, Maintenance & More

When you wish to add a pool to your yard, you will begin to notice there are different types of pools you can install. You will note there are above ground pools and in-ground pools and each are made with different materials and methods. When doing your research you may come across vinyl liner inground pools. Many homeowners like what they hear about these types of pools and want to know more. Metropolitan Pools would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about vinyl lined pools and see if it is the right one for you.

How are Vinyl Pools Built?

Vinyl pools are designed with a frame that the vinyl liner attaches to. The frame determines the design or shape of the pool. Often the pool frames are cheaper if you go with a pre-made frame. However custom framing is an option, depending on how much you want to invest in the pool. The vinyl is made to fit the frame whether you choose to do custom or use a premade frame. Not only can you choose a premade frame or a custom frame, but you will have your choice of vinyl prints. The vinyl liners come in many different types of colors and print designs. Therefore, when designing your pool you will have your option of prints and frame designs.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Vinyl Inground Pool?

When weighing out which type of pool to build or install, many people want to know the time frame. No one wants to wait months for a pool to be built. Luckily, vinyl liner pools can be installed fairly quickly. The reason why they can be constructed faster than other pools is the framing system. Essentially, the pool location will need to be dug out, then the frame and plumbing system is put in place. The lighting and other features are ready to be put in and then the vinyl liner is installed. A professional vinyl liner pool contractor can have a pool installed in a matter of weeks. However, if the homeowner decides to do a custom frame, it will take longer as the frame will need to be built. Once the frame and the liners are ready, installation can happen very fast.

How Do You Maintain a Vinyl Pool?

A vinyl pool is no harder to maintain than any other type of pool. Essentially the maintenance is the same. You will need a pool pump and filtering system. Along with a pool vacuum, you will, of course, need the chemicals to keep the water clean. With proper care a vinyl lined pool can last 10 years. There will come a time the vinyl liner will need to be replaced. However, replacements are fast and affordable. To ensure you get the full life out of your liner, seek out professional pool maintenance. They will know how to properly maintain vinyl lined pools.

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