Vinyl Pool FAQ in Sandusky, OH; How Long Does a Liner Last, How Do I Know when to Replace & More

There are many questions consumers have when it comes to vinyl pools. To provide assistance, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to answer a handful of frequently asked questions.

Does Chlorine Damage a Vinyl Pool Liner & Other FAQ

1) What is the Average Life of a Vinyl Pool Liner?
Before it needs to be replaced, a well-cared for pool liner will give you 8 to 15 years of summertime. You will shorten the life of your liner if the chemistry of the water is perpetually imbalanced, it comes in contact with piercing debris, animals have access to the liner, do not properly perform end-of season maintenance, or the liner is of poor quality, or the liner was not efficiently installed.
2) How Do I Know when to Replace My Vinyl Pool Liner?
Wrinkles, looseness, fading above the water line, cracks and tears are the signs you need to replace your pool liner. A sign it’s stretched and will need to be replaced is if your liner slips out of its track. You probably have a leak if your water level drops faster than normal.
3) Is it Bad to have Wrinkles in My Vinyl Pool Liner?
Excessive chlorine levels or consistently low pH water can be the cause of wrinkles in the vinyl. Vinyl can stretch and wrinkles may be left once the water recedes when groundwater seeps under the liner. You can get wrinkles if your liner was improperly sized or installed. You will likely end up with wrinkles if you completely drain a pool with an aging liner, no matter how cautious the refill is. Also, the heat buildup stretches the liner and leaves wrinkles behind when the water cools.
4) Is it Better to have a Dark or Light Vinyl Pool Liner?
The most popular color is blue. Although dark blue is more susceptible to fading, it can better disguise any imperfections and hide stains as well as make the pool appear deeper. Being bright and eye-catching, mid-color blues give the water that traditional backyard pool appearance. You tend to see the pool floor better, which makes cleaning easier, with light blue liners and it makes the pool water sparkle. A trending color is when paired with grey or terracotta-colored coping and decking with sandstone-colored liner, it gives a tropical aqua color characteristic that is gorgeous.
5) Will Water Under Pool Liner Go Away?
Generally, one of two ways will permit water to get under the liner. A) it has leaked out of your pool through a rip or hole in your liner, or B) from the surrounding ground, water infiltrated your pool. Water behind the liner can cause the vinyl to stretch and lead to wrinkles, and it is referenced as a floating liner. Though the wrinkles are more of an eyesore than a concern, it is good to identify why you may have wrinkles. However, the concrete deck around your pool could sink or crack if the cause is excessive groundwater. Your water bill will go up and the chlorinated water that has leaked behind the liner could cause the steel structure of the pool to corrode over time if the cause is a pool leak.
6) Does Chlorine Damage a Vinyl Pool Liner?
Your pool liner will absorb water and wrinkle do to excess chlorine. Because the pool was highly acidic liners wrinkle in less than a year. The liner will also fade, and the integrity will weaken with too much exposure to chlorine. Check water chemistry often, even twice a day during periods of heavy use as it is recommended to keep a pool’s pH from 7.4 to 7.8. You can prevent liner damage from chlorine by ensuring you do not shock your pool too often, leave pool uncovered for 24 hours after adding chemicals, ensure efficient pool circulation, and avoid using floating chlorinator. Additionally, maintain your saltwater system below 3 ppm free chlorine.

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We hope this helps keep you informed on some questions you may have regarding your vinyl pool. Metropolitan Pools will answer more FAQ in future blogs. Until then, call us to answer any questions and provide quality vinyl liner pool services in Greater Cleveland & Akron, Ohio!