How Often Should a Pool Get Shocked in Elyria, OH? To Balance Too Much Chlorine Chemical in Pool & More

With the current shortage of pool treatment chemicals, you never want to use your storage of pool chemicals unless you need to. Often a pool is shocked needlessly, which wastes your pool’s chemicals. Where there isn’t too much danger in over shocking a pool, it can become an expensive waste of pool chemicals. Today, Metropolitan Pools would like to share what to look for or how to know when you should shock your pool’s water to avoid over shocking your pool which is wasting your chemicals and money.

How Often Should a Pool Get Shocked?

With proper pool care, a pool typically only needs to be shocked every once to two weeks. With a routine shocking schedule, you can maintain clean and clear water in your pool. However, there are certain situations that may call for your pool to be shocked before its normal scheduled time. Here are some of those situations or occasions where you may want to shock your pool before its regular scheduling:
Seasonal Opening or Closing of the Pool – When you first uncover the pool at the beginning of the swimming season, you will want to do a shock treatment for the pool. This will kill any algae that is in the pool and make sure the pool water is clean and crystal clear. You will also want to shock the pool just before you cover it for the fall and winter season. The end of the season shock treatment will give the pool water the extra edge it needs in staying clean during the off season.
Too Much Chlorine in the Pool – If swimmers begin to develop skin or eye irritation while swimming in the pool, often this is a sign of high levels of chlorine. Too much chlorine will irritate the eyes and skin and cause redness and a burning sensation. If the pool has too much chlorine, shocking the pool can help balance the pool’s chemicals.
Had a Recent Pool Party – If you have had a recent pool party, then you have just had a lot of bodies in your pool, not to mention a lot more debris that might have been brought into the pool. It is often recommended to do a shock treatment to clean your pool’s water. The shock will also help clear up the water, as after most pool parties, the party can leave the water murky.
Shock Pool After Heavy Rain – When rain water enters the pool it can throw off the pool chemical balance. Often rain water will increase the pool’s pH levels and introduce a number of contaminants into the pool. By treating your pool with shock after it rains, it will help to kill any contaminants and stabilize the pool’s pH levels.

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These are some of those situations where you will want to shock your pool even if it is before its scheduled time. It is important to maintain you pool and treat it only when necessary to avoid wasting money on pool chemicals. If you need help maintaining your pool or need pool services, contact Metropolitan Pools today.