How Long Do Vinyl Inground Pools Last in Twinsburg, OH? Quality Construction, Liner Replacement & More

When you want to install a pool for the first time you may wonder which type of pool to install. There are many different types of pools and each has their own pros and cons. When you want a fast and affordable in-ground pool, one of the best types of pool is a vinyl liner pool. Metropolitan Pools would like to share the many benefits of a vinyl liner pool and how they are made and installed to see if this is the right pool type for you.

Which is Better; Vinyl, Fiberglass or Concrete Pool?

Vinyl lined pools are one of the more requested types of swimming pools as they are fast to install, easy to maintain, repair, and there are a lot of design options. Another major benefit to a vinyl liner pool is that they are affordable. When you determine how much money you can dedicate to installing a pool you may be disappointed to the reality of a typical pool. You may find you only can afford a much smaller pool. To get the pool you want you may be able to achieve it with a vinyl liner pool. Concrete, plaster and fiberglass pools cost much more to design and install. Pools with vinyl liners will last more than 20 years, as long as the liner is replaced every 6-12 years.

Inground Vinyl Pool Construction

Why vinyl pools are more affordable is because of how they are made. When designing a vinyl liner pool the first step is designing the shape and size. The framing can be custom made or you can pick from a frame that already exists. The ground is dug out and the frame placed into the ground. The vinyl is them made to fit and installed to the frame. The framing system also makes it easier and cheaper to put in as well as the electrical and plumbing work for the pool, filtering system and lighting. When designing your pool, the vinyl liner has a lot of colors and surface designs you can choose from as well. This makes your dream pool possible.

How Do You Maintain a Vinyl Pool Liner?

Not only can you design and install a vinyl pool cheaper and faster, but they are also easy to maintain. The vinyl surface is non-porous which means algae and bacteria is easier to remove. When a pool has deep pores it is hard to clean out those pores making it a major battle for the pool to be cleaned. Along with being easy to clean, should damage occur, vinyl pools can be repaired. You can repair with patches in the vinyl. However, there will come a time the vinyl will need to be replaced. When the time comes to replace the vinyl you will see that it is fast and gives your pool a fresh start.

When Should I Replace My Vinyl Pool Liner?

Every vinyl pool will need its vinyl liner replaced at some point in time. In most cases, the vinyl liner will last at least 10 years. The frame will last forever, and the electrical or plumbing system may need repairs and replacement from time to time just like any other type of pool. When the time does come to replace the liner you have the option of changing the print and color of the vinyl. For those who wish to change the look of their pool, this is easily done with a vinyl pool.

Inground Vinyl Pool Installation & More in Sandusky, Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Parma, Mentor, Akron & Greater Cleveland, Ohio

When you want more options, and a fast and affordable pool and if a vinyl liner swimming pool is right for you, contact Metro Pools for pool installations and more.