How Do You Tell if a Pool Pump Stops Working or has Burned Out in Amherst, OH? Low Water Pressure & More

Throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons, the pools pump runs almost constantly. During the winter the pool pump should be run just a few hours each day to promote a healthier pool and cleaner water. Your pool pump and filter system works very hard to keep your pool clean. It comes as little surprise that a pool pump can develop problems and even fail. When a pool pump fails, it needs immediate repair to get your pool filtering system running again. Metropolitan Pools will share some of the common signs of a pool pump failure and when you need to call out a professional. A pool pump is essential throughout the entire year. The pool pump requires ongoing care and maintenance to help prevent failure and prolong the life of the pool pump. When a pool pump begins to develop problems, it will provide some signs or clues. As the homeowner, it is important to monitor your pool pump and detect some of the common signs your pool pump needs repair and or is failing. With that in mind, Metropolitan Pools outlines some of the common warning signs your pool pump is failing.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice that the water circulation is weak, you will want to check your pool’s pump. When a pool water circulation becomes weaker than before, this could indicate a clog. Check the pool skimmer basket and filter to see if they need to be cleaned. If your skimmer basket and filter isn’t very dirty, than this is a sign the pool pump monitor is wearing down. You may need you pump’s motor replaced. Have a professional pool service inspect your pool pump when it develops weak water pressure or circulation.

Why Does My Pool Pump Make Noise?

If your pool pump has begun to make a loud screeching noise, or if the pool’s pump and filter sounds like there are rocks bouncing inside, these are not good sounds to have. The bouncing rock noise often occurs when pieces of the pump is breaking off. Screeching is even worse. When a pump screeches this is a sign of a worn bearing. The pool pump suction line will need to be checked for debris or signs the pump is breaking. In some cases the bearing can be replaced, but if too much damage has occurred, you may need to replace the motor and pump.

Leaking Pool Pump

A pool pump should not be leaking. When the pool pump makes odd noises, combined with leaking there may be too much pressure inside the pump or the joints have worn down and is now allowing water to leak out. Leaks often cause corrosion and even pose a threat to the electrical components. When there are leaks present, it is worth having the pool pump checked to see what can be done to correct the leaks.

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When a pool pump develops these problems, you will want your pool maintenance service to come out and assess your pool pump. It is best to tend to repairs as they occur instead of allowing the problems to accumulate and lead to complete pump replacement. If your pool pump needs to be maintained, inspected and or repaired, contact Metropolitan Pools today.