How Do You Maintain a Clean & Healthy Swimming Pool in Mentor, OH? Skim, Brush, Vacuum, Test pH Levels & More

There is nothing more beautiful in your backyard that a sparkling swimming pool. This is a luxury that so many people feel is unattainable. Not only is a pool something that many homeowners can realistically consider putting in, maintaining it doesn’t have to be complicated either. There are many things that a homeowner can do to keep their pool healthy. Metropolitan Pools is here to share some tips to help you keep your pool as healthy as possible.

Skim & Brush Swimming Pool Regularly

The first thing you will be doing a lot of is skimming and scrubbing. You will use a net that is attached to a long pole to skim the leaves and other debris that lands in your pool out. Ideally, this should be done every day to keep your pool in tip-top shape. You will also need to do some scrubbing on the sides of your pool. A simple scrub brush will remove any algae that starts to grow on the side walls and the floor of your pool.

Clean Swimming Pool with a Vacuum

There will be plenty of leaves, twigs and other debris that accumulate under the surface of your pool. This is easiest to get out using a vacuum to do it. You can also purchase a pool rake to help you get it out, but if you are looking for a no fuss way to do it, consider investing in a pool vacuum. You can buy some that are robotic and will take care of it without you doing anything. Others will require power and have a long hose with an attachment at the end that you move around like you would a regular vacuum on your carpet.

Clean Out Pool Filters & Baskets

Water circulation is an important part of pool maintenance. If you have a filter that is dirty, it can have an impact on the water circulation and lead to a pool that has green water that is often murky. If you have a skimmer basket, you will need to check that regularly and make sure it doesn’t need to be cleaned out with the filter. These two things can help you have that sparkling pool that you are looking for.

Test pH Level & Balance

You need to be checking your water quality often to make sure the pH levels are where they need to be as well. Keeping the chemicals balanced is an important step in pool maintenance. If you don’t have the right chemical balance in your pool, it can lead to bacteria growth.

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If you are overwhelmed with caring for and maintaining your pool on your own, you can turn to Metropolitan Pools to help you stay on top of things. When you leave pool maintenance up to us, we will make sure your pool water is sparkling all the time. Even if you have decided to maintain your pool on you own, it is a good idea to call on our team of professionals occasionally to give your pool a good cleaning. Call us today!