How Do You Know if Your Swimming Pool Pump is Bad & Needs to Be Replaced in Twinsburg, OH?

Pool pumps work hard to keep your pool water clean. The pool pump sucks in the water where it then runs through the filter and is circulated back out. Without a pool pump, the water will become stagnate and will develop algae and bacteria. It is important to maintain your pool pump and replace it if breaks down to ensure a clean pool. Metropolitan Pools would like to share warning signs your pool pump is dying, which will give you the needed time to have the pool pump replaced.

Vibrating Pool Pump

When your pool pump’s motor begins to vibrate, and is accompanied with a rumbling sound, this is never a good sign. A rumbling noise with an excessive vibrating motor means that something has become dislodged or is loose. Depending on what and where that something became loose or dislodged, the pump may be repaired. However, the constant bumping inside the pump can lead to bigger problems. If the motor is vibrating and rumbling, the motor is overheating and becomes stressed out. You may want to invest in a new pool pump motor soon and inspect the entire pump for broken or loose pieces.

What Does a Loud & Noisy Pool Pump Mean?

When your pool pump begins to make grinding or screeching noises, this is an early sign that the pump needs new bearings. The pool pump bearings do wear down and will need to be replaced. However, if neglected a worn bearing will lead to overheating and damages that cannot be repaired. If you wait too long, then you will most likely need to replace the pool pump. To avoid a pool pump replacement make sure to have the bearing replaced as soon as noises occur.

Air Bubbles in Pool Pump

Does your pool pump cause bubbles and spitting water? This is a sign that the pool pump has developed an air leak and the pump is sucking in water. Once the pool pump develops an air leak, the pump will also suck in dirt which leads to cloudy pool water and a potential health hazard. Once a pool pump develops a leak, the site will need to be located and the component replaced.

Old Age of Pool Pump

On average, a well maintained pool pump will last about eight to twelve years. Once a pool pump reaches a certain age it may be time to replace it. Often an older pool pump will require more repairs. When multiple repairs begin to develop, and you know your pool pump is around that eight to twelve year mark, you may want to begin looking to replace your pool pump. Instead of investing in costly repair and a future replacement, save yourself the cost of repair and just invest in a new pool pump now.

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There are a number of different components to a pool pump system. A number of different components will begin to wear out and eventually you will need to replace the entire pool pump system. For pool maintenance or pool pump repair and replacement, contact Metropolitan Pools today!