How Do I Keep My Vinyl Pool Liner from Fading, Drying Out & Getting Punctured in Cleveland Heights, OH?

For those who are installing or have an in-ground vinyl pool, you will want to take steps to protect your vinyl liner. There will come a time that a vinyl pool will need its liner replaced. But, as many people well know, the vinyl liner can be damaged in a number of ways if not properly cared for. To help prolong the life of your vinyl liner, there are a few steps that can help extend the liner’s life. If you are looking for ways to extend the life of your vinyl pool liner, Metropolitan Pools will cover a few tips below.

Pool Water Chemistry Balance

The pool’s chemicals do not just help keep your water clean and crystal clear, but it also helps the vinyl liner. The vinyl liner makes direct contact with the pool’s water and its chemicals. It is important to maintain the perfect balance of pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. Too high of chlorine can damage and reduce the life of the liner. If your pool needs a high dose of chlorine, to restore the pool chemical balance you will need to do what needs to be done to correct your chemical balance. However, it is better to avoid the need to use a high dose of chlorine and therefore better to maintain your pool chemical balance.

Can You Add Pool Chemicals at the Same Time?

Another way to reduce chemical damage to the pool’s liner is that you will want to add the different chemicals one at a time. You will want to add one chemical allowing it to circulate through the pool for about 30 minutes or so before adding the next one. Even though this will take more time, it will help reduce the chemical stress on the pool’s liner.

Is it OK to Leave a Pool Uncovered in Winter or is it Better to Keep it Covered?

During the winter, you will want to keep the pool covered. Covering the pool in the winter can help your pool and its liner in many ways. The cover will help keep debris out that can stick to and damage the side of the liner. The cold temperature can also affect the liner. During the winter, make sure to keep the pool covered.

Can a Dog Puncture a Vinyl Pool Liner?

It can be fun to allow your dog to jump into the pool and play and cool off. However, when they swim, your pet will instinctively extend their claws out to grip onto the side to get out of the pool. Pets can damage and cut through the pool liner. Smaller holes and cuts can be repaired, however it will reduce the life of the pool. Keep sharp items away from the pool area. Like your pet’s claws, sharp items can damage the liner. Also be mindful of back yard toys that can also damage the pool and attempt to keep them away from the pool to help prevent an accident. Sharp items must be kept out and away from the pool.

Fix Vinyl Liner Pool Leaks Fast

It is important to detect leaks and have them repaired as soon as possible. A small leak can become a bigger one from all of the pressure of the water. If you notice your water levels are dropping you will want to inspect your pool’s liner for leaks.

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