Common Pool Problems in Twinsburg, OH; Poor Circulation, Too Much Chlorine, Algae Blooms, Green Water & More

For those new to owning and caring for a pool, you will want to be prepared for some of the most common pool problems. Pools will develop problems eventually and it is important to know how to handle them when they come to prevent a much bigger issue. For those who want to be able to enjoy their pool all summer long, Metropolitan Pools will share some of the most common pool problems and how to troubleshoot and correct these problems.

Too Much Chlorine in Pool?

Chlorine is key in maintaining a clean pool. Chlorine helps to kill algae and bacteria in the water within minutes. However, this often leads to an excessive amount of chlorine being added to the pool. Too much chlorine can be bad for a vinyl pool liner and of course. it not good for swimmers. Swimmers can encounter irritation of the eyes and skin and too much chlorine can even trigger asthma attacks. Test your pool water if you can smell the intense odor of chlorine. If the chlorine is too high there is a few things you can do. You can turn on your pool heating system if present. or allow the sun to heat the water which will bring the chlorine levels down. You can also try adding more water or use a chlorine neutralizing product or hydrogen peroxide.

Poor Pool Circulation

When you notice the pool isn’t circulating properly, you will notice this can lead to a very dirty pool. Often pool circulation problems can be a clog or dirty filter. The skimmer could also be clogged or your pool’s pump is going out. The first step is to check your filter and skimmer and see if they need to be cleaned. If the circulation hasn’t improved after cleaning the filter and skimmer, then you most likely have a problem with the pool’s pumping system. The motor may be failing or there is a clog within the system. To properly troubleshoot this problem it is recommended to seek a professional to inspect your pool’s pumping system.

Algae Blooms & Green Pool Water

It can happen very quickly during the summer season. Algae will grow along your pool walls and floor and turn your water green. Algae blooms occur when the water chemicals are out of balance, when the pool’s filtering system develops a problem or most often the combination of both problems. When your pool develops algae check your filter as well as the skimmer and see if they need to be cleaned. Next monitor your pool’s filter and pumping system and make sure it is running correctly. Next, check the chemicals and see what needs to be added to restore chemical balance to your pool. Be prepared to use a shock treatment. When the water turns green or you have algae in your pool it is recommended that you seek out a professional for faster results.

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These are some of the common problems a pool develops, especially during the summer. If you discover you need help restoring your pool or you need pool services, contact Metropolitan Pools today.