Can Too Much Chlorine Cause a Cloudy Pool in Kent, OH? How Do I Clear & Make My Water Crystal Clear?

Many people ask what causes their pool water to become cloudy? Even with the pool filter running all day and night, the pool water doesn’t stay crystal clear. For those who wonder what causes the pool water to turn cloudy and if it can be prevented or how to clear up their water, Metropolitan Pools would love to answer these common questions.

Why Does My Pool Water Look Cloudy?

Cloudy pool water is a common problem and most pool owners will encounter cloudy water at least once during the swimming season if not more. In most cases, cloudy pool water can be easily corrected. However, it will take some trial and error to determine the best way to correct the pool’s water. The cloudy water can be caused for a few different reasons. The reason behind your pool’s cloudy water will need to be discovered to seek the proper method to clear up your water. Where cloudy pool water is generally harmless, it can cause red eyes or irritated skin. In most cases, cloudy water is a sign of a chemical imbalance. It may also be a filtering issue. To better determine why your pool water is cloudy or murky, here are some of the common causes for cloudy pool water.

Can Too Much Chlorine Cause Cloudy Water?

Filtering Problems: A pool’s water can become cloudy when the filtering system isn’t functioning properly. The filter may be clogged up and need to be cleaned. The skimmer basket may also be full or a component within the filtering or pumping system may be wearing down or broken. A professional pool maintenance technician will need to inspect the pool’s filtering system to see if there is a mechanical problem. As the homeowner, be sure to clean out the skimmer basket and change out the filter if it becomes too dirty. With regular professional maintenance, the pool’s filter will be cleaned on scheduled. However certain elements may require the filter to be cleaned sooner. If you have murky water, check the skimmer and filter and have a professional check the rest of the filtering system to ensure that there isn’t a mechanical problem.
Chemical Imbalance: Cloudy water can also be a sign that the pool’s chemistry is out of balance. You will want to test your pool chemical levels. Often cloudy water can develop when the chlorine, pH and alkalinity isn’t properly balanced. High levels of calcium can also cause hard water which appears cloudy. The pool may need to be chemically treated. As a side note, the water will look cloudy for the first few hours after shocking a pool. Wait at least 24 hours after shocking the pool to see if the water clears up.
Environmental Considerations: You surrounding environment can also be a common trigger for cloudy pool water. Trees, dust, grass and animals can affect the pool’s water. With the surrounding elements entering the pool water, they can compromise the chemical balance and the filtering system. Often cloudy water is the first stage of algae development. You will want to keep the pool covered when not using it and keep the yard clean to reduce contaminates entering the pool.

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