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How Do I Decide Where in My Backyard to Put an Inground Pool in Parma, OH? Sunlight or Shade & More

Choosing the right place for your new in-ground pool can be a tricky proposition; the location is often based on your property’s size keeping the following factors in mind: grade changes, distance from the house to the property line, distance to run electrical or gas lines, sunlight, and safety concerns. Metropolitan Pools offers helpful tips…

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Are Vinyl Pool Liners Any Good in Elyria, OH? Most Cost Effective Inground Pool, Easy to Clean & More

Pools are a major investment to install and maintain. When owning a pool you will often look for effective ways to maintain your pool. For those who are maintaining or deciding to install a pool, you may want to consider “vinyl-lined pools”. There are many benefits to vinyl liners. Some people think vinyl-lined pools are…

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Why are In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools Best in Cleveland, OH? Low Cost & Maintenance, Durable & More

Vinyl liner swimming pools are among the most common pools and have been constructed in the United States for over 60 years. Technology and the material used to build the pools are continually advancing, resulting in a superior product that is long-lasting and beautiful. Vinyl liners offer several advantages to homeowners, including low maintenance, cost-effectiveness,…

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