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How Long Should a Vinyl Pool Liner Last & How Do I Know when to Replace My Liner in Medina, OH?

Many people have concerns about how long their vinyl pool liners last. Ultimately, the way you use your pool and more importantly, the way you maintain it, will determine just how long your liner lasts, though all vinyl pool liners require replacement at regular intervals. You will likely notice preliminary signs of normal wear and…

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How Can I Make My Vinyl Pool Liner Last Longer in Lorain, OH? Check Pool Chemical Levels Often & More

Having access to a pool just outside your backdoor certainly has its advantages. And though they require special care, for homeowners who want the convenience of a swimming pool right in their own backyard, vinyl pool liners are a more affordable option. They may require repairs or even a replacement in the event they are…

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How Often Do You have to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner in Lakewood, OH? What is the Average Life of Liners & More

When you invest in a vinyl pool, most homeowners understand, like with any kind of pool, there are annual maintenance and care costs that come with the ownership. Eventually, your vinyl pool liner will need to be replaced. With this in mind, we at Metropolitan Pools would like to take the opportunity to discuss how…

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