Swim Lessons

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT Offering Swim Lessons this 2021 Swim Season

Starfish Swimming Lessons for Cleveland, Akron, & Surrounding Areas

The Starfish Swim School curriculum consists of swim classes containing age-appropriate activities that focus on the development of core swimming competencies and, once achieved, the development of proper stroke technique. We recognize that all students learn in different ways and have different levels of readiness which is why we focus on ability, not disability and achievement not errors in our swim classes.

Swimming Lesson Schedule

Swim classes are taught in eight 30-minute sessions, over a two-week period. Each color level focuses on one of the five core swimming competencies, which are designed to teach safety and survival skills, and are what we use to identify each student’s level in our swim classes.

Swimming Lesson Pricing

Swimming lessons cost $75 per child per session. The sessions are 4 days/week for 2 weeks. Lesson applicants will be contacted 1 week prior to the start of lessons with the lesson times. The first Monday of each session is registration day. If you have any questions regarding swim lessons please email kvaline@metropools.com.

Core Skills Achievement Levels Explanation